Friday, July 13, 2012

GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this WAY late last night and was unsure if I should post...  I did send it to a friend to read and she told me to post...  I also realize that it is Satan talking and telling me not too...  but then I thought, hey, it's my blog right?  ;)

Satan, really, I've had enough and now you're messing with friends and family, BIG TIME!!!

I know that we will all come out of this stronger, and lessons to be learned, but I DO NOT like seeing my friends and family hurt! It's ON bad boy, you better watch out, you ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!

I don't even know where to begin..  Some things I can't say, but God knows what's going on.

Friends need peace that passes all understanding, knowing and trusting that HIS plan is PERFECT!!  He gave you a plan, He will NOT leave you hanging!  He put something in your hearts, He WILL see you to the end!  And I FULLY believe He WILL bless you more than you will ever imagine!  It stinks being hurt and confused, and thats ok that you are, as long as you deal with it the right way.  I know you are and I'm praying for you!!!

Found some things out about XJ's orphanage... Oh, XJ is my lil man Keegan.  ;) They are not so good things.  So far he's ok....  But I am so ready to go get him.  BUT I have this peace and patience knowing that God's timing is PERFECT!  I trust Him and know that we will go exactly when He wants us too and not a moment sooner!  :)

Curt's schedule has been CrA-ZY!!!!  I have heard enough from people about the timing of everything, how are you going to make it, etc etc etc.... NOW, do NOT read that the wrong way, I know you are looking out for me/us...  BUT I also believe that Satan is attacking, we are doing things for the glory of God and he does NOT like it!  I feel and I know and I BELIEVE good things are happening with our church!  We are sending a team to Mexico this EARLY Saturday! I'm beyond EXCITED about what God has planned for EACH and EVERY one of these people going on the trip!  My daughter being one of them... I know that God called Curt to go to Haiti so we as a church can get something going...  I also know that He has called Curt to lead this missions trip...  Yes, timing is very short, I don't get to see him much this month, and I do miss him, BUT my God is here with me.  He is fighting Satan with me.  My God is giving me the strength I need to get thru the day.  I trust Him and His perfect awesome plan! 

While I don't get to see him much this month, I'm so very excited to see what God has in store....

If God is telling you to go somewhere or do something, don't you think He will provide and see you through?

This is just the start of the attacks...

A boy going on the missions trip Saturday is not feeling good today, with a low grade fever!  I'm praying that God will heal him.  You know why?  B/C God has some AWESOME plans for this young man.  Plans that we can't see, plans we don't know about, and guess what?  Satan HATES that.  Satan HATES anything we do to further the kingdom of God. This young man WILL go on this trip! :)

Yes, I am on a high horse, but I'm filled with the Holy Spirit!  I'm READY to light a fire, I'm READY to do as my God asked me to do!  I'm READY TO GO!  I'M READY!!!  Hear me?  The more I say use more or I am ready, the more Satan will attack, he will let up soon, but I know he will come back right before our travel....

I think it's awesome and funny how I will get good news, then bad news, then good news, then bad news, then HAPPY JOY JOY news, then SUPER de DUPER bad news...  And while I am sad that all this is happening, I have faith and trust in my God.  I know He will provide for each and every one of these needs and I know that He will do it in His PERFECT timing...  Even if it's to the LAST second!!  :)

I borrowed a few kids today and went to Flag Ponds with them!  It was so fun!  It was also nice to sit on towel and watch them, then I did get in to help look for shark teeth as well...  But I was getting ready to take them home and said i needed to go out and get a few things for Kotah for the Mexico trip and he offered to pick things up so I wouldn't have to go out.  After arguing, well, not really arguing, b/c it was via text..  I finally said ok, gave him my list and he got it.  Not gonna lie, it was so very nice to not have to go out and get it all...  I was tired from being at the beach, but it was such a good day!

Got to hang out with Christina for a bit tonight and we just chilled and talked.

Now, I must remember to go to Reagan to pick up Curt NOT no NOT BWI!!!!  ;)

There really is so much going on, my brother and his seizure, not sure if they need to do surgery, not knowing our travel date, my mom taking care of him this week, she's back home, the missions trip to Mexico, Curt in Haiti, his DM Conference the last week in July, my birthday which I don't know what to expect this year, kids acting up, hearing about XJ and the orphanage, bad news from some friends...  The list goes on and on and on... 

But you know what?  I'm not dwelling or complaining about this list of bad things.  Yes, I could, but I'm not going to go.  Yes, I am sadden by many things on this list, but I have faith, and joy and trust in and on my God!  I know that He has a plan.  I know that He will provide!  It seriously may be THE last second, but I know He will provide.  I have faith in my God.  I have this peace that I know only comes from my God, a peace that passes all understanding!

My point after this huge rant?
I could sit and dwell and ask God why this and that...  But I am not going to go.  No, I am not saying oh look at me, I am saying, believe with your WHOLE heart, not just 99.9999%, but all 1000000%!!!!!  Put ALL your faith and trust in and on Him.  He WILL provide!  It may not just be exactly WHEN YOU want it to, but its all in His timing, b/c His timing is PERFECT!

Satan is attacking and he's coming on STRONG and HARD....  It may not be fun, but I praise my God in all these trials!  If it wasn't for these trials, well...  I may not be as strong as I am.  Still have growing to do, but each and everyday, no matter what comes my way, I CHOOSE to be joyful and happy and trusting.

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