Monday, July 2, 2012


We are in final mode here of trying to raise some cash for our littles!  We need ATLEAST another $4,000 in cash!  May be a little more, not 100% sure yet... 

We realized that we needed to times the amount of $7,200 by TWO!!!  Since we are getting two kids!  :)  Most of it is an adoption "thank you" type of gift, and it all has to be CASH!!!  We still need more money, but not as worried about that as we are the cash!  Not worried, but $14,000 is a LOT of cash to have...  But TRUSTING God with it all!  :)  It's all in HIs hands and He's got it under control!  Right?  :)

We saved some of our grant money just for this, but we still need some more...  :)

I thought I would post our fundraisers here...  No pressure, honestly!  THANK YOU to those who already have supported us, by prayer, financial and by buying things from the fund raisers we have done! I can't tell you how GRATEFUL we are!!!

Here's the link for the tee-shirts...

Here's the link for the Blessings Unlimited my friend is doing...

And I have 2 other friends that are getting ready to get some stuff together for a fund raiser as well!  :)  One is a Pampered Chef party, will post all the info as soon as I get it!  :)

I'm also going to be making some bracelets...  Working on those right now, will post pics as soon as I get a few made.  :)

And here are a few links that my friends are doing to bring home their little girl from Ethiopia!  :)


And if you don't want coffee for you, you can buy some for us!  ;)  heehee

Also, if you don't want them, I'll GLADLY put them in my adoption flower garden in honor of my 2 kids and the Browns little girl!  These flowers are GORGEOUS!!!  They will be shipped right to you!!  Or like I said, if you want to support but don't want them, seriously, I'd gladly put them in my garden!  :)

THANK YOU!!!  :)

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