Monday, July 16, 2012


HAha, very eventful to say the least...  But I don't know that I'd have it any other way...

My God is taking care of it all, I trust Him!!!!

Curt flew in Friday and I did a quick load of laundry and he and Kotah slept for a bit, and off to the church they went at 2:00 am Saturday morning...  They loaded up a bus and off to the airport...  Next stop, MEXICO!!!! Kotah was sooooo excited, and I was just about as excited for her!!!

They got there and went right to Douglas after dropping off their donations and putting stuff in their rooms...

Dakotah got to meet Pamela and I heard it was awesome!  They played together all night and she kept running up to Curt and giving him hugs!!!  <3

I couldn't sleep Saturday night, which isn't the greatest since I had been up ALOT all night before waiting to hear word on the team and just praying for them all...  So I decided to start cleaning things up in the guest\game\school room so I could move it....  Then I just had this urge to pray for Kotah...  And Curt, but mainly Kotah.  I did, I didn't know why, I brushed it off, I mean, I prayed, but I didn't dwell on WHY I was praying.

I got a text this morning saying that Pastor had came and woke Curt up about 3 am, Kotah was sleeping or somehow managed to sleep walk, she didn't know her surroundings, so that never helps...  But she fell out of top bunk and hurt her elbow. (yes, she has slept in top bunk before, but they had railings...  These don't... or she was trying to get out of bed and slipped, not 100% sure of it...)  Curt said in his text it may be broken.  Once he calm her down she said she prob shouldn't have slept up there.  :)  I had packed them arinca and the gel so he said he gave it to her.  And she did go back to sleep, but I'm sure it wasn't very restful.  Then at 10:30 I sent text and was like, ok what's going on?  Did you take her in?  Which is TOTALLY fine if he didn't, he knew what she looked like and was feeling...  He called me during second service at church, during the worship, and said that he got back from the hospital with her.  She did break it and that doc said something about doing surgery, and putting a pin in there.  Just the way the break is, etc.  But he said he could cast it and then once they got home, have it checked out here. So he soft casted it and it's in a sling.  He also prescribed her meds to help with the pain.

I've been off and on emotionally all day!  To the point where Gavin has asked, mommy why are you crying?  Is it b/c of Kotah and her arm and me not and Thad not listening?  I said yes.

It was literally ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER!!!!!!!  Getting to church b/c of the texts from church, helping Thad pick out clothes that matched and WERE NOT pants...  Then home from church, I don't know why, but they got into everything!  Cards from a game all over the place, I had swept the game/guest/school room and they got into some stuff and just threw it all over the place..  which ok, I am not gonna lie, that kinda looked like fun, but still...  Then I found dry oats all over the floor...  I mean really...  Oh and the bathroom!  :\  If you are on FB, the pic if up there... ;)  So I could really tell that Satan was attacking, and just with the big guns, but with CANNONS and EVERYTHING!!  But I prayed harder and played praise and worship music and kept going...  Yes, major crying off and on, but I had to get it out, I couldn't keep it in.

I'm really ok.  I feel at peace and know that God has a plan. Even though my baby got hurt, I know that He is going to use her and the whole thing.  I don't like my kids getting hurt, but if it's what needs to happen to open your eyes, or her eyes, then use me, use them!  She wanted to be used by God, she wanted to go so badly on this trip!  God IS using her even if she is hurt!  I have FAITH and TRUST in and on MY GOD to provide!  Again, I wish it happened to me, but whatever is going to happen, it's all for His glory!  He never said it would be easy to follow Him.  Sometimes it hurts to follow God, BUT, I can promise you, that He will use you!  He will bring good out of it!

I asked her on the phone tonight, well, first if she was in pain, only when she jumps or runs, or if it gets bumped it hurts, then I asked her, are you thanking Jesus for all this?  Are you still praising Him even though you got hurt? Yes momma I am.  <3 That's what I wanted to hear...  Coming from a 9 yr old.  She got hurt on her FIRST missions trip and the FIRST night, but she's still thanking and praising God!

I'm not trying to sound harsh, but I'm always saying in all situations, God Use ME!!!  Even with everything with Dad, God, use me! I want to be open to whatever it takes. 

The momma in me wants to SEE her and HOLD her.  I know she's ok, she has daddy, she has family and close friends, but I'm her mom.  It's my job.  BUT, I know that it is out of my control and there is nothing I can do but pray, which I have been ALLLLL day!!!!!

Got to talk to her again tonite.  She sounded even more happy b/c Pamela found out she was hurt and made her a picture, so Mr Jim brought it to Kotah tonight!  It TOTALLY made her day!  :)

Curt said she was BUMMED b/c she signed up to help get the breakfast stuff out everyday this week, and she couldn't do it today...  Poor kid....  that's her thing here at home!  She LOVES making scrambled eggs, and helping them get cereal and milk!  I'm sure she will be up helping tomorrow morning!  :)

I asked what they were going to do tomorrow and he said where they were going, it's where they do alot of cement work...  I said awesome, so what's Kotah gonna do? He said she's gonna be dumping the cement!  :)  he said he is very proud of her and being a really good big girl about this!  I"m so very proud of her too!  Even though I can't be with her, I know she's being a good sport and still thanking and praising God!  I couldn't be prouder!  <3

Now I get to do lots of phone calls I am sure about finding a doc.  I looked online and we don't have any pedi orthos that our insurance listed... We have pedis, but they are about 75 miles away, in southern VA.  So I am going to call a few docs that I got names for that are pedis and will see if they don't take our insurance and be willing to fill a form out.  I want to get her in asap when they get back!  :)

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