Thursday, June 28, 2012


(my spell check isn't working for some reason and too lazy to re-read to make sure it's all correct..  sorry...)

Wow!  It's been a bit crazy and hectic here lately!  And I'm sure it's only the beginning, but I'm SOOOO ready!!!  :)

We got our VISAS on Monday!!!!  :)  We are still waiting to hear our travel date, but thinking we will hear any day now!  ;)

I put Keegans bed together and Curt and his dad went to go get the mattress from a friend who was giving it to us!  THANK YOU soooooo much!!!!  The boy’s rooms are officially MUCH smaller now, but I am ok with that and so are Thad and Gavin! They are READY to get Keegan in their room!  :)

We have a dresser for him and thanks to my SIL, Paula; we have a few 5-6 summer outfits for him!!!  :)  We will need to get a few fall things, but don't know all the sizes yet!  I'm thinking all 6 of our kids are going to need shoes and clothes come fall!  ;)

I'm so ready and excited to get Ella and Keegan, but yet I have this peace and patience yet....  I know that God's timing is perfect and I'm ok with that!  I also know that the month of July is going to FLY by!!

Curt will be doing a work project from July 1-4th, then that Saturday we have a church work project, the 10th-13th he will be in Haiti, fly’s home around 5 pm on the 13th and then leaves by 3 am on the 14th-20th to go to Mexico mission’s trip with our church! Dakotah gets to go with him and is absolutely THRILLED and counting down the days til she can go!!!  :)
After that we have our FAM JAM, our family VBS at church, and then the week after that, which I think is July 30- Aug4 or 5th he will be in MI for his DM Conference!  Plus little things here and there in-between!  ;)

Trying to stay on top of some school work with the kids, which I am not succeeding so well this week...  haha...  And major cleaning and purging going on and re-arranging, again, as well!  I guess you call this nesting?  Didn't know that could happen when adopting!!  ;) 

That's pretty much all we know right now!  Just waiting on our travel date so we can GO and plan better!  :)

Oh, we did send Keegan and Ella a care package and we got pics of Ella!  LOVED seeing the pics!!  Oh and we heard about a FB page for adoptive families and we got to see a video of our lil man Keegan!  Oh how God knew I needed to see that!  PLUS we've been getting some pics of of him from another family that is adopting a child from the same floor he is on..  In each and every one of those pics, he's smiling soooo big!!!!  :)  Praying that the adjustment for him goes smoothly, and am a little worried about Ella and adjustment...  I really shouldn't say worried, b/c I trust God, but since she is in Foster Care and more one on one care...  it may be harder for her...  But it's all in God’s hands and I know we will take a day at a time!  :)

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