Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adoption Update

So....  We FINALLY got word  (a few weeks ago now...) that Keegan and Ella are ours!!!  They are Cecil's!!!!  We will be traveling early to mid Sept to get them...  We don't have an official date, yet.  Hopefully by the end of this month, or July we will receive word!  :)

We sent them a care package that included 2 outfits, an album of pictures of us, a stuffed animal for Ella and plastic animals for Keegan, and a letter, and a bag of candy, or some sweet to share with the other kids!  :)  They will let us know when it gets delivered!  :)

I'm just absolutely EXCITED that we finally heard that they are OURS!!!!  We started this whole process about a year ago, and some days it seems like it was longer than that, and other times it doesn't seem like it was that long!

The kids are sooooo super excited to get them!  Thad still says, I get plate for Keegan and Ella?  I said no bubby, not yet...  He says we go get them?  Then he will say soon!  :)

I can now put up pictures and names, etc since they are ours!!!!  We are now officially a family of EIGHT!!!!!!!  :)))))) 

Fang Xiao Jian will be Keegan Xiao Jian Cecil!  And Chen Fu Yi will be Gladriella (Ella) Fu Yi Cecil!!!  :)

Keegan is 5 years old (November 19, 2006) and deaf.  He's in kindergarten and we are told doing very well.  His paper said he likes to copy other kids...  We could have another trouble maker on our hands... ;)  He lives in an orphanage. We don't know if he can hear some, and that's why he's doing so good in school, b/c he's not in a deaf school, or if he just copies others very well and keeping up that way?  :)

Ella is 3 years old (January 3, 2009) and deaf as well...  Since she is in a Foster Care, we were getting reports, no longer, but we did get a few....  At the end of January she was completely deaf, no hearing and no talking, none, zip, nada.  Then we got a report the first of March stating that she can hear some sounds and is trying to call out to the Foster Care family members!  Tell me that's not God!  :)

I'm so excited to get them and bring them home!!!!  I'm hoping we can home school them, but totally ok with putting them in a deaf school if I have too!

We are pretty much ready!  We need to put Keegans bed together and get the mattress from friends of ours...  Need to get clothes for Keegan once I see him and know a size for sure!  I can't tell by his pics!!  ;)

Thank You Jesus for all You've done and are going to do! 

We still need atleast $10,000 (this is on TOP of the grant money we have left...)  a big chunk needs to be in cash...  There is a "gift" you give to orphanage, and then something else, and then for us to buy things...  So we actually need to times that by TWO!!!  :)  We have some grant money left, so we plan on using that to take with us, but still need more. We had to pay a few bills...  big bills...  But My God is bigger than anything we are facing and I know it's all under control!!!  :)

My mom bought me steel hand stamps and plan on making some bracelets and necklaces, so all that money from those I make will go into adoption fund!  :)  I'm thinking "maybe" (or maybe I'm just to tired I shouldn't be blogging....) of opening an Etsy account for those, and maybe making caramels to sell???  I dunno...  It's just a thought that popped in my head as I'm writing...  Not always a good thing!  :)

I have a friend who is doing a fund raiser right now...  I also have another friend who is going to do a Pampered Chef Fund Raiser in July for us...

Just a few more months and my babies will be HOME!!!!  <3

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