Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Logged In

Yeah!  We finally got an email stating that our dossier has been logged in on March 31, 2012!!!

The typical wait time for an RA (referral acceptance) is 2-4 months.  For a special needs the wait has been right about 3 months.  The 2 months mark is the end of this month, so we could know as early as the end of this month a travel date...  or the end of June we could know more!  I'm guessing it will be June since that's the 3 month mark...  ;)

Curt is thinking it will be August that we go...  But I dunno...  I guess we will wait some more and see what happens!  :)

July is really busy since Curt has a chance to go to Haiti (kinda  long story, but it has to do with Back2Back and our church...  :)), he leaves July 10th to fly to Miami and then on the 11th the group flies down to Haiti and then he comes back around 5pm on the 13th, and then the Mexico Missions Team from the church leaves at 3AM on the 14th!  So he really only has a few hours to sleep...  and me to wash his clothes and pack in his Mexico bag!!!  ;)  But I'm so excited that he has chance to go!!!  :)

Kotah has been flipping out a little b/c she heard me say about the time frame for us traveling to China and then them going to Mexico!  She is soooooo excited to go to Mexico and finally be able to meet the girl that we sponsor down there!  :)

I told her, baby, stop...  Who's in control?  She said God.  I said, ok, right.  So do you think He will take care of it all?  Do you trust Him to work it all out?  She shook her head yes.  I said Kotah, He knows what He is doing, it's all apart of His plan.  We just need to trust Him with the details, ok?  She said ok. 

We really don't know too much more at this point, it's really just more waiting!  But atleast we know that our dossier was logged in!  That's a big step!  :)

We are going to be about $10,000 shy of what we need, but TOTALLY trusting God!  We still have about $10,000 left in our matching grant money, we JUST hit the $10,000 mark!  :)  Even if we have to get an interest free loan, or an adoption loan, I'm ok with that.  I'm trusting Him to work it all out!  It is kinda scary thinking that a HUGE amount of money will be due when we find out travel dates, but I know my God is BIGGER than anything, and He has it all worked out!  Just praying and trusting Him!

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