Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Work!!

Just when we thought it was all done, BAM, we got slammed with more paperwork!  BUT it's all good!!!

Our dossier (big huge packet of paperwork, which is literally 86 some pages long/big, whatever..) should have been in China on Tuesday!!! We won't get confirmation til this week (I think) knowing that for sure it's all in china!  :)

We also have picked a name for our lil man, so we are ready!!  I'm so very ready to go get my kids!!  Yes, MY kids!!!  I want to add 2 more to my madness, why?  Well, some call us crazy, stupid, insane, you are OUT of your mind, and maybe we are, but I know with OUT a doubt that God has called us to adopt, and I WANT too!!!!  And He's proved that over and over and over by providing for us EVERY step of the way!!!  :D  So yes, I want to add to my madness by adding 2 more kids....  I'm going for a football team...  KIDDING!!!  ;)

Honestly, the other day I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed...  I was just thinking, oh, man, they are deaf, they can't hear me, how am I going to teach them words, and signs, how are they going to learn how to read?  But then I got this peace, an unexplainable peace that my Father just whispered the words, it's in My Hands, trust me.  Then i thought, well duh, of course it's in His hands!   :)

We are waiting for our RA (?), and then we once we get that, we have to finish filling out a few more papers, send those in and then we should get a travel date...  That's the short version...  I'm not 100% sure of all the papers, so-many-papers!!  Getting them mixed up!  It's all written down though!  ;)  So yes, the shortest time would be June, COULD be May, but the time frame, paper wise, it would be June, possibly July.  Praying for May or June b/c Curt and Kotah are going on the Garage Mexico Missions trip in July!  But I know that my God knows what's going on and He will take care of it, so I'm not worrying about a time!  I just want to bring them home and love them and hold them!  :)

We also found out with the traveling training we had to do (which consisted of 2 hours of listening to a phone call via web...  ;)) that the clothes that are on our kids back will basically be the only clothes that we get.  SO...  I'm going to go back and look at their file and make sure I have their height and weight and guess a size.  I'm pretty sure our girl is a size 3, so will need some 3T clothes and I "THINK" our lil man will be a 5-6, maybe a 6?  I dunno...  His file is a little older than our girls, so it's going to be hard to guess!  :)  But they also said to get some clothes that have elastic waists til we get home.  I figured for the shoes we would just buy some, when we are out there...?  Dunno, just depends on how bad the shoes are.  I have a friend that said I could look through some of her 3t stuff, so will see if she has any cotton sun dresses!  Can't go wrong with that!  May get a few pair of leggins, or short leggins and a few longer tees or sun dresses! :)

I'm so excited, I'm about ready to jump out of my skin!  We are almost at a year when this all started!  It doesn't feel like a year!  it really has gone by really fast!  I can't believe the time is almost here to go get them!!!  :D

Anywho...  that's the latest update on the adoption!  :)
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!  You don't know how much we appreciate them!!!!

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MCarns said...

I know the paperwork can be hard but it will be worth it in the end! I can't wait to hear your boy's name and then to meet them both. Speaking of which, can we start meeting up for sign language practice? I REALLY want to get up to date again so I can best interact with ALL of your beautiful children.

Do you want help finding clothes? I have some friends with children and can ask if they have any to donate. If so, what sizes are you thinking? And what size shoes? :)

Love and Ugs!!