Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never Cease to Amaze Me!!!

What a week!  :)

I FINALLY decided to throw away Skylar's dresser.  It was BEYOND repair!  I mean, you can only glue and nail a dresser so many times, right?  This thing should've gone a long time ago, but I was just hanging onto it thinking it would last, or I could fix it "one more time".  haha, it's gone.  Threw it in the trash on Thursday...

Funny thing was, got a text Friday morning asking me if I wanted a dresser.  I was like how much and how big, and how sturdy.

She said free, big, and sturdy.  I said, ok, cool!

It's a long dresser with a mirror, PERFECT!!!  can't go tall in the kids rooms because of the ceiling angles.

So  Friday night we got a free dresser...  which is still sitting in my dining room...  Need to clean and figure out which room I am putting it in and how to re-arrange it all....  It's a good problem to have, because we now have space for all our kids, even the ones we are waiting on!  :D

Then on Sunday was talking with a guy, and he was saying how he fixed his frig for 20 bucks instead of the couple hundred it was going to be from someone else, etc...  I just said yeah, i wish I had time and the kids would leave me alone long enough to see if I can't figure out what's going on with my dryer and Curt has been really busy with work, he can't take the time right now to check it out either!  I said it died like 3 weeks ago, so I've been hanging up our clothes on the line outside.  He said I have a few extra dryers...?  I said sure if the price is right...  We need cheap!  :)

We talked some more then church was starting.  So he went over to talk to his wife and then before we could go sit down he came and told Curt, give me your address and phone number before you leave for church, I will bring the dryer over.

So, not only do we get a free dresser, we will be getting a dryer this week as well!  I have no idea what brand, etc...  but he did plug it in and he said it works!  :)  So that's all that really matters, right?

He never ceases to amaze me!

Thank you God for your many blessings of which I deserve none!!!!  <3

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