Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bam Baides

 Finally a REAL reason to use BAM BAIDES!!!  :)
It makes me hurt just looking at it!  Instantly swelled up!  :\

I was in the bathroom, finishing getting dressed and I hear him cry, it wasn't a really hurt bad cry, so I thought no biggie.  Well Curt went around corner to check and I heard him say, oh buddy, go to the bathroom...

Curt opened the door and I see Thad walk in with his hand to his hand and blood coming down his face, and his hand.  I am thinking, holy moly, really?  So I grab a wash cloth (note to self, it's worth getting a few DARK RED wash cloths incase of emergency...  Must go buy some...  This won't be the last time they will come in handy I'm sure!!!  :)), and got it a little wet and just held it tightly to his head.  Took it off for a sec to look at the wound, and it was just gushing out.  I'm like oh man.  I'm thinking, am I am going to have to take him to the ER?  I was hoping not! 

Curt cleaned the blood off the corner of the counter and the floor..  Thad had touched the door frame so it was on that too, and the floor.  I am not sure how he managed to NOT get it on his shirt, but he was clean there!

After a few minutes of holding the washcloth tightly to his head, the bleeding stopped.  I cleaned it out with some cold water and then I sprayed some colloidal sliver on it.  He immediately asked for a Puppet (which is Muppet's) bam baide.  He used all those bam baides, so I asked if Batman was ok, and he grinned and said it was.

I kept watching him because he seemed a bit droopy and not 100% himself.  His eyes weren't dilating at first either, but an hour later they were.  He wasn't getting sick and I kept him awake.  We had to go to the library and he of course got 4 more Curious George books.  The boy is OBSESSED with Curious George...  Then to the church to FINALLY get Kotah's papers notarized for her trip to Mexico, and then I had to drop off her PASS test at South Potomac Church, then ran into Micheal's to check out their frames.  Then back home...  He is upstairs resting now, not sure if he is asleep yet, but praying he does sleep!  He was getting pretty wound up before bed, so I know he is ok!

He ate his lunch and seems to be just fine!  I just HATE (with a passion) head wounds!  They scare me, I'm never sure if I need to take them to the ER or not...

I gave him belladonna and arnica right away and he put on a little cold pack for a total of maybe 5 minutes!  He said his head hurt, so I gave him more pills.  Praying that he falls asleep and will wake up in no pain...  BUT there is an indent where the corner hit his forehead.  ;) 

I do believe the belladonna and arnica are helping with the swelling too...  I can't fully see it b/c of the bam baide, but it looks pretty good all around it.  Will take it off after nap and check it out!

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