Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things Needed

A few of y'all have been asking what else we need to get before we go get our little ones!  :)

I said I would just post a note so y'all can see what we need!

First of all, a quick update...  We should have all our paperwork in China by the end of the month and then it's more waiting.  But I know that God has this all under control!  :)

We will need to send in $7,350 with our dossier, but we are taking that money from our grant funds to cover that.  We should have about $11,000 (?) left in there and will prob need another $11-12,000 at the end, right before traveling...  Again, SO TOTALLY NOT worried about it!  God has seriously provided EVERY step of the way, it's amazing!  i'm just in AWE!!!!  I know, I shouldn't be becasue our God is just THAT awesome!  But in my human mind, I am just in awe, but yet i'm not becasue I KNOW our God is just AWESOME! 

I also know and remember telling Him that if this is HIS WILL, then He is gonna have to help us because we are NOT rich (money wise! ;)) And He has remained EVER so faithful!

Also, we will be in China for 3 weeks instead of 2...  our lil ones are in 2 different providences in Southern China...  So please be praying for our 4 here in the states that they handle us being gone THAT long!  After about 2 weeks of not bieng at home, they are ready to come back.  now, they will be staying here, so that will be good, but 3 weeks without mom and dad....  :)  My mom will be here with them for the last 2 weeks for sure, and hopefully Curt's parents will be able to come for the first part, and a friend from MI mentioned that she'd like to come help, and if for some reason they can't, my mom can come for the full 3 weeks.  So that's the plan, but since we don't know/have travel dates yet, we can't really "plan" anything!  :)
One thing on my list is bunk beds, but I may be going this week-end to go look at a set that has matress'!!!  I may need to get new matress', but a friend posted on her facebook page that we are in need of twin size and had quite a few of her friends respond with where the cheapest are, and KMart is the winner!  :)

Anywho....  my friend's mom saw on a listing of a sale that she's selling bunk beds and so she asked about them for me!  I hardly know my friends mom, I met her once...  Anywho....  The frame is $25...  So I'm praying that they will work and if so, i'm bringing them home!  :)

Just another way that God is providing and if for some reason this set doesn't work, I'm ok with that...  We found some online through Wal-mart...

Ok, here's the list of things needed:

Bunk Bed frame (going to go look this week-end and if they don't work, Wal-Mart online has it for $200- that's with shipping to our house!)

2 Twin Matress's- Kmart online has them for $49.99 a piece, so with shipping for 2, it will be about $131 (again, the set I'm going to go look at has matress', but I may just replace them, depending on how old they are, etc....)

3 twin size sheet sets for boys

3-4 new pillows for beds

Sit and Stand Stroller for when we are in China and will prob use it once we get back for Thad and our girl...  ;)  i found a few on Craiglist, but they were already sold!  I'm trying to find one under $50...  I'd like it to come from a smoke and pet free home... 

And we will prob need clothes, but I have NO idea what their sizes are!  I have some clothes for boy and girl put aside, but I have no idea if they are the right season and size!  Prob won't know that til we get them home!  :)  I do have a gift card for a children clothing store that a friend got me for our kids, so I can use that too!  :)

I need a few more kids plates, like those plastic ones...  We are set on bowls, cups, and silverware, but need a few more kids plates..  maybe 4?  :)

But there's the list...  For now...
I do need to get 2 more mini blinds for the girls room and boys...  But those are like 4 bucks are Target, I just keep forgetting to get them!
I'm also getting 2 drawers (cabinets) from Target, but have been out of stock, but it's to go under Gavin's bed for his clothes.
We have a dresser for both our new lil boy and girl, so we are set!

I think that's it, I almost feel like I'm forgetting to mention something....  It kinda looks like alot, but it really isn't THAT bad!  ;)  I have 3 sets of sheets right now for boys, but I like one extra per bed, due to bed wetting, or washing sheets, so I can change them right away!  :)

Thank you for your prayers and support for us through this!  I can't tell you just how much we appreicate it!!!  :)

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