Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bunk Beds

I know weird title for what I'm thinking, but hey, it's what started it all!  :)

Long story short, we got bunk beds for $25!  :) They were in pretty good shape, but the lady was only charging that much because she had plans to sand and paint them and knew that they needed a bit of work, so was charging super cheap... 

We went out and bought a nice cheap hand sander and some stain.

Saturday Curt had a board meeting at church, so I decided it would be a good time to atleast get the sanding started and possibly get one coat of stain on the beds.  The kids were inside "cleaning", it was to cold and windy to be outside...  Even for me to be sanding it was too cold!  But it was nice and re-freshing!  Plus I wanted to get them done!  :)

I started laying all the pieces out on the driveway, got my sand paper on the sander and got to work.  Made me think of my dad, not sure why, I don't really remember him ever sanding anything...  Not that he didn't do it, because there were things he did, I just don't remember him specifically doing that.

I got all the pieces sanded and then took a rag and wiped all the dust off.

Then I got the stain out and got one piece completely done...  Then I had to go get in the shower to un-freeze and then get some running done.

Got our running done and came back home to finish.  As I'm staining these last few pieces that are left, I'm thinking of how this sanded piece of wood is like our life.

 Think about it...

Before we know God, we are broken and beat up, ok, take that back, even if we know God and have Him in our hearts, we can still get broken and beat up, trust me on that one (more on this to come...).  But God sands us down, or breaks us, because let's face it, we sometimes needs to be broken in order to learn, or grow more in Him, right?  Sometimes it hurts too, I know I wasn't hurting the wood, but in our life we can get hurt by all the sanding that needs to be done.  There was one piece that I REALLY had to sand down, sometimes we really need to get down deep.  That hurts.

But God wipes us off with His ever so gentle hands, and the stain, well, that's His love and His word.  Once we are broken, He can fix us again.  God never leaves us, we may think He does, but lets face it, He doesn't.  He loves us way too much to leave us, and He promises He never would.

But as I as brushing on that stain on that wood, it just reminded me of how our life can really be like that wood.  We are broken and beat down, God sands us, and then wipes us off and stains us. His word is like that stain, it absorbs in us so it makes us shine.  The more we read and trust God the more we shine and are protected like a clear coat.  But if we don't get enough of that clear coat on us, we are gonna get beat up and broken by the world.

What are you going to do?  Are you going to keep getting beat up by others and the world, or are you going to let your AWESOME LOVING Heavenly Father fix you?

I'm not gonna get into in this blog, but will explain myself soon, I know what it's like to be completely broken.  It hurts, but I never for one second doubted God, I knew He was there with me, the whole time.  I never questioned Him either, I trusted Him (still do) and know that this season in my life is for a reason.  i don't have to understand it, but I trust Him with my whole heart!

Don't go on anymore being broken, let God wipe you and get that stain on you, and keep reading so you are protected!

Yes there are going to be trials, but I'm telling you, He's right here with you, no matter what!

I'm thinking I made no sense, but hey, that's me for ya!  ;)

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