Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Update!!!

We got a referral for a boy on Monday around noon.  I was out grocery shopping with Thad and the girls and Curt had Gavin at home...  He um got himself in some trouble, so he had to stay home...  ;)

Anyways, my cell rang, but of course at that time, my girls decided to start arguing and fighting and I couldn't get them quiet to pick up the phone.  I noticed the number and thought it was Aimee our contact from AWAA.  Then I get a text from Curt, hurry home, I got news.  So when I was in Giants, I texted back that she had tried to contact me but couldn't pick up, I said it's either a final approval for our girl or they gave us a referral for a boy, or both!  :)

It seems so weird to say approved when talking about our kids!  But it's what it is...  ;)
So we get home, unload the van and he said we got a referral for a boy!  So we sat down, looked at the pics they had of him and all the info about him.  Then we showed the kids and they were SUPER excited!!!  :D

They said that he was dropped off alongside the road at the age of one, they have no official birthday so they gave him the birthday of the day they found him.

He's 5 and deaf. 

I wish I could share more, but I have to keep it at that.  God knows which one he is so please be in prayer that everything goes smoothly and China says yes, we can have him! 

I can't post any pics up here as of yet...  But he's a cute lil dude!!!!  :)

We are still waiting on final approval for our lil girl..

We will also have to be in China for 3 weeks instead 2 like we thought.  But if we get the 2 we said yes we will take, they live in opposite sides of each other.  But trying to get a child in the same orphanage and all would be hard, not impossible because with God ALL things are possible, BUT I truly believe the kids we said yes we will take, will be ours!  :)

I feel like we have 2 feet in the door now and not just one.  Yes, we still need to wait, and I'm seriously patiently waiting.  This will all happen in HIS timing and it will be perfect!

So as I sit and wait, I'm praying that God blesses these 2 little kids.  I seriously can NOT wait to share more info, but can't on here!  Soon enough, we will be a family of 8!  WOW!!!  I'll have 6 kids!!  :D

Only by God's strength and grace!!  Thank you Jesus for all your blessings, the good and the bad! 

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