Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Waiting Game

Wow, Happy New Year!  :)

I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry...  Life gets really busy sometimes!  ;)

Well, the title pretty much says it all right now...  we are in the waiting game.  Some of our paperwork is in China getting translated...  :)  I'm thinking we may email just to see the status of it, is all of our paperwork there yet or not?  :)  Once they get it all translated, they will let AWAA know and then they will start sending us referrals of kids.

Then, the hard part comes, picking out or children!

Ok, saying "picking out our children" is really kinda weird to me!  Not the our children, but the whole picking them out...  How does one do that?  I know without a doubt that God will give us peace about them, but it just sounds kinda weird to me still!  :)

Once that happens we get approved, with yes, they are yours, then we get a travel date and then we are off!  :)

I want to say we are kinda on the down side of the slide, but not totally!  Just the whole waiting part...  Maybe i'll say it AFTER we get the referrals!  :)

For the Life Song Adoption Fund, WOW!!!  Got our socks blown off!  If you still want to donate you can, we had to set an date, but really, as long as we need the money and our kiddos aren't home yet, that fund is still open to us!  We have just over $7,000.00 as of Tuesday of last week!!!!  God has just been so good!  I mean, He's good all the time, but the blessings just keep coming!

I'm not sure just how much more my heart can take, seriously!!!!

We had someone drop off a DS on our front porch Christmas Eve for all the kids, it was used, but I don't care, just the generous gift, wow!!!  I'm blown away!  :)

Then we had 2 families just give the kids gifts, because they love us and they know we are tight with money due to the adoption!  I'm not gonna lie, y'all made their Christmas!  You went above and beyond and I'm just in totally awe and SPEECHLESS!!!!!  Thank you just does not seem adequate or even good enough!

Please keep us in your prayers as we play this waiting game..  ;)  I know God's got this and TOTALLY trust Him!

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