Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Other Blog :)

Yes, I am trying to keep up 2 blogs...  I know, what was I thinking?  HAHA

I've had a lot of friends who wanted recipes for this and that, and they are all over the US...  So I decided a while ago to just post them all on a blog...  Well, I HAD very good intentions of doing a recipe a day...  Then life got crazy, then it got crazier, and I know the fun has yet to start!  ;)

Here's a link, I'm doing my best to keep up...  It's not an everyday post, but there are quite a few recipes on there, including, home made laundry soap...  just an FYI, go for the powder one, not the liquid one...  ;)  There are healthy recipes and not so healthy ones...  Different ways to use vinegar, like putting it your dishwasher where you would put your Jet Dry...  Also use it as your fabric softener for your washer...  ;)  No, your clothes will not smell!  I've been doing it for almost 6 months now!!!  :)

Anyways...  If you want, check it out, if not, no biggie...  ;)  But if you want a recipe of mine, chances are is already posted in this blog!  If not, it will be soon...  or so I hope...  :)


I also have a page on facebook called

I try to post links to my blog once I post a recipe, so you can get it that way too...  ;)

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