Monday, November 21, 2011

One More Step Further!

I'm about a week behind in posting this, sorry! It's been crazy, as usual!  ;)

We got all our paper work sent off to American World Adoption Agency last week.  They received it on Friday.  We are hoping they will look through it all yet this week so that if we forgot something or didn't fill out a paper right, we can get it done over Thanksgiving and send it back by Friday.  But we don't know yet if they will or have even begun to look at it yet. ;)  This set of paper work is our dossier which is pretty much the last of the paperwork, for now anyways! ;)

After they review everything and it's all there, then they will send it off to China where it will be translated!  Then we can start getting referrals of kids.  That's when we are gonna need some serious prayer!  Prayer that we are choosing the children that God has in mind for us!  I'm praying for peace from both Curt and I once we start looking at kids!  I'm going to want to provide a home for all of them I am sure!  ;)

We also got accepted for a matching grant.  It's a $10,000 matching grant.  Even if we raise $8,000, they will match it.  We sent out 200 letters asking for prayers and if you feel God is leading you to help us, then to donate.  But we need prayers first and foremost!  :)

I know without a doubt that God has this covered!  I trust Him COMPLETELY with everything!  Infact, another God moment just today...  ;)

I saw someone posted that she had 2 dressers she wanted to get rid of, but if you could get them by Wednesday that'd be great.  I saw that someone had already posted that they were interested, but I thought, well, incase they weren't, I was!  ;)  So I posted that....  then I get a message Sunday saying that she would know after church if the other lady wants it or not.  I then I get another message later that day that she wasn't interested, she has bigger boys, so their clothes would be to big.  I then asked my friend what the sizes were for the dressers and how many drawers.  One has 4 drawers and the other has 3 drawers and a mirror.  I'm just sitting here in awe of just how AWESOME our, MY God is!  I know He will provide, because he has and I know He will, but I guess I'm just in awe of when He has provided.  Most of the times it's when I least expect it!  We were seriously just a week ago discussing what we were going to do for beds and dressers.  We have one of those IKEA couch's that turns into a bed, it just folds down.  We have a twin sized one and a double.  We are keeping the double one downstairs for guests, but moving the twin one up to Kotahs new room.  So then her old bed will stay in the room with Skylar.  So all we need is a dresser for the new lil girl.  Then for the new boy we will get a bed (saw a nice. cheap one from IKEA that would look great and work great).  But didn't know what we would do for the dressers, but I knew that it was all good, and God would provide.  And let me tell you, He did.  I went out and got the 2 dressers tonite....  ;)

God is so good and just blowing my socks off every time I turn around!

We aren't the only ones receiving blessings, I have a friend who just shared with me about hers, but I'm not gonna steal her show...   But I will say that she has the chance to go to Haiti and needed most of the money by today, she just found out last nite.  She posted on Facebook about her opportunity, and when I talked to her at 9:30 this morning, she had all but $30 that she needed!  She still needs a little bit more by Dec 11th, but I'm just in awe of how God is providing for her so she can go! I guess I shouldn't be in awe anymore of God and His marvelous works and the way He provides for us, but I am.  In a good way.  ;)

Even if you don't think things are going your way, or you are receiving blessings, you are. 

Are you alive?

Are you able to see?

Can you walk?

Do you have fresh CLEAN water!  As in clear? 

Do you have a roof over your head?

Working lights?


Do you have clothes to wear? 

Even when things seem down in the dumps, find SOMETHING to be thankful for! 

Even if my day isn't going so great, if the kids are fighting, or I'm tired, or they are fighting me about doing school, I still find something to be thankful for.  I have WAY more than I need.  We all have more than we need, but yet we always want more.  This is the season and the month where everyone writes what they are thankful for, but I challenge you to do that EVERY month, EVERYDAY!!!  Don't let it just be in November, or when things are going your way, be thankful, in all circumstances!!!

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