Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's ONLY Tuesday??? ;)

What a week it has been!

First off, I got the dressers, and they are AWESOME!!! I'll take pics once I get those upstairs... yes; they are still sitting in my dining room... ;) Just between getting all our Christmas stuff out and all that other fun stuff, I haven't taken the time to move them. They really aren't THAT much in the way... ;)

(It’s only been a week, so don't judge me... ;))

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment... I have cavities... the first time in my all 30 years of living... I have little ones on each side, so I have to go 4 different times (as much as I HATE to admit that, I have to go back 4 different times... it's kinda embarrassing... but oh well, it's life right? ;)) , no matter if there is only one on one side, they only do that one, then I need to go back to do the other...

Anywho... I went yesterday... They gave me the numbing gel before the shot.. Well, I could feel the numbing gel hitting my tongue, I was thinking oh great, this should be fun. Then he came and gave me the shot.. After the 3rd poke, I had a look on my face, the doc asked, you ok, I was like uh-uh.. I couldn't really say no b/c his hand was still in my mouth and that shot was somewhere in there too.... He said are you ok, so I just pointed to the right side of my throat... He said did the Novocain go down your throat, and I just looked at him. So he pulled the shot out, threw it on the tray, and went and said as he was leaving, I'll get you some water. They sat me up, I tried to swallow water as my left side of my mouth is NUMB, and the right side of my tongue down my throat is numb. Can you see the predicament I'm in here? How in the world am I supposed to SWALLOW water from a water bottle when my mouth is pretty much NUMB!!!! ;)

I managed to swallow about half a bottle, no, I didn't spill any. ;) Then he came back and asked if I was ok, and I just said it doesn't feel so great. I KNEW what would happen.

If you don't know me, then you don't know that a typical Tylenol cold pill will seriously give me a high, and a Sudafed... I took an alka seltzer cold plus, just ONE pill, and I was seriously on a drug high. SO, I do NOT take any meds at all, unless I REALLY need them. I do the homeopathic or just suffer it out... If I get a cold, I swallow garlic... yes, chop up garlic and swallow, it works... ;)

So, yes, I knew that having swallowed this I may be in some trouble. BUT then I was thinking, well, the last time I was in, 3 weeks ago, I did just fine, and he did more to me that time than I was getting done this time.

I got home and felt blah. Curt stayed around til noon, then he left, he was going to be gone over nite... The day went on and I felt worse and worse... I was on the couch pretty much the whole day!

He called later to see how I was and so I said ok, but it still hurt.

Oh, I forgot to say, I got numbed up so bad I couldn't feel my left eye, seriously! Then it went down my jaw and then half way to my chin. He only gave me a shot in my UPPER left... ;)

Then I told him he got a box, and I opened it, it was his new phone. So he ended up coming home to eat supper, make sure the kids were behaving, and then get his new phone so he could get it working for the next day.

Then he left again, I got the kids to bed, and went to bed shortly after them. Long nite with Thad and I was still in pain, but my stomach hurt so bad I didn't want to take anything! I had nothing in my stomach either. I managed to each some peaches, but that's about it!

Then today still feeling a bit bleh, but HAD to go to the store or we wouldn't be able to eat lunch... It was raining and I was starting to get that attitude of un-gratefulness.. Then I was thinking, um, nope, I don't care what the weather is like, I'm GONNA be HAPPY and be THANKFUL that I have a car and money to go get food!

I was also thinking while I was sick after that Novocain entering my stomach, trying to think what I can be grateful about all that... Well, I can be grateful that I can go to the dentist... All those kids, thinking about the kids in Mexico, who don't get to see a dentist, who prob WISHED they could. Then thinking about me being down and out all day Monday, it gave my body the rest, well, kinda, that it needed. The kids were ok, not the best, but they were ok. ;) They may not have been as epic as I would've liked them to be, but they are kids and they do help out as much as they can when momma isn't feeling good!

I'm praying for a good nties rest and feeling back to my old self tomorrow! Hoping I can brush my teeth without any pain on the left side! ;)

I'm not trying to complain, really, I am very grateful and thankful! It may be a bother and pain at times, but again, I CHOOSE to be HAPPY even when I don't like going to the dentist! ;) Remember to CHOOSE to be happy and thankful in ALLLLLL circumstances, no matter what! God has you in that season in your life for a reason; you are going through this certain thing for a reason. You are stuck in traffic, reflect and praise God, you are sitting in the dentist chair, what a PERFECT time to pray to God, yeah, it may not sound so pretty with the drills going, but you have NO where to go, right?

Remember, just because Thanksgiving is over, don't stop being thankful for what you have! ;)

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