Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the Blessings Continue!!!

As if I couldn't get even more good news this week!!!

I can't remember if I mentioned that we are getting another frig, for free??? 

Again, we were just talking about some things this week-end, we need a new frig, we need a bigger one!  The one I have barely holds what we need as a family of 6, there is no way there's enough room for a family of 8!  Wow, we are going to be a family of EIGHT!!!!  I don't think I've really written it out yet... ;)

Ok, sorry, back on track here...

So yes, Curt and I were talking, we were even looking at prices for the frig, etc...  I REALLY want one that has freezer on the bottom, I used to have one like that in Iowa, but had to leave it at the house there!  I was seriously VERY bummed, I hadn't even had it for a year before we moved!  This thing was like the mother load frig!  ;)  but it's ok, I knew it had to stay.  I knew that one day I will own a frig like that again, don't know when, and I am TOTALLY ok with that!  :)

So Sunday nite Curt took Kotah to the baptism class.  While he is gone with her, I get a phone call.  Friends of ours are getting rid of their frig because they are getting a new one.  She thought of me and all my baking that I might like it!  I was like I would LOVE it, but i just don't think we have room for it.  I'm seriously wrecking my brain trying to think where to put it, how to make it work....  So I said no.

Well, Curt gets home and I tell him.  He was like you said no?  Why?  Call her back see if we can still get it!  So I very sheepishly call her back to see if the offer is still open!  She of course said yes!  I'm very ecstatic!  I am still trying to think where to put it, but we will make it work!

My mom told me to put it upstairs so the kiddos could get a mid-nite snack!  HAHA, um, NO WAY!  (she was just joking by the way...  ;))

We just need to go get it!  Need a truck and we will head over to get it!  :D

Then we send an email to LIFESONG to see if there is any money in yet.  We have to send emails to ask for a list and then they send it to us.  Curt didn't want to ask yet, he wasn't sure that any money had come in yet, just because we only sent the letters about a week ago!  I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if there was $1,000, but then I thought, nah, there's only gonna be about $300-$400!  Well, wouldn't ya know that God was kinda slapping me in the face, yet again...  We got an email back from the lady in total shock and awe, but she TOTALLY is praising God...  she said that we have 25% of our grant money raised already!  Yes, 25%!!!!!!!!!!!  We have ALMOST $2,8000 raised!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm still in shock and awe, I know I shouldn't be, but i am...  i guess I wasn't expecting it THIS fast, although, I know by now, I should NOT be surprised!

THEN I send a text to my friend about this awesome news, but it hadn't quite sunk in yet!  I was pretty much dumbfounded and in awe of the blessings this week!  (minus the numbness from the dentist, but that's ok..  ;))

I was talking to her the other nite about the few things we'd like before going to China...  So it included, VAN, that seats 8, so we are looking at the Honda Odyssey, then POSSIBLY another washer and dryer, but ONLY if it will work by stacking them on top of what we have, that way I can do 2 loads at once, oh yeah, that would be a  dream!!!  :)  We also wanted/needed another or new bigger frig, Curt wants a nicer camera to take better pics, and we just need one more bed.  But dunno whether to get a smaller toddler or twin size, so we are waiting...

So she said they had something for us.  I was like ok cool.  She said it was something off your list!  I was so stinkin high on that wonderful grand Novocain that I seriously could NOT remember what i told her!  i know, that's really sad....  So she dropped me a few hints and I finally got it when she said photo albums.  Or I guessed she's making me a photo album. She then texted me back and said it was along those lines... I'm still totally clueless at this point!  ;)  Then she said you need it to make photo albums.  Then like a light bulb it went off, a CAMERA!  I said girl, no you aren't!  But she kept insisting...  they have 2 cameras, they don't need both, so they are giving us one of theirs.  It takes really nice pics too!  :)

After a few hours, I put the kids to bed, then Curt was laying down because he has had a head-ache all day...  I go upstairs to lay with Thad in his room because he is NOT going to sleep, i hear him bouncing, then he's quiet so I know he was looking at books.  But he had to go potty, then asked if I would lay with him.  I DO NOT normally do this, but I was tired, so I did.  I lay on the floor next to him and as he's looking at his books, it REALLY hit me!  All the blessings we have received this week!  It was seriously more than I cold handle!

I'm thinking, what have I done to deserve this!  Wow, MY GOD LOVES me THAT much to be blessing me!!  Not just me, but my whole family!

I know, I kept saying from the BEGINING that if God REALLY wanted us to adopt, HE would provide, and boy has He! 

Not only has He blessed my socks off, He has blown off my toes as well!  Again, I know I shouldn't be surprised, because I know He will bless us, but I jsut am in awe of HOW AWESOME our God is!!!

My friend totally got what I was trying to spit out... She said she gets what I'm saying about being in awe!  On one hand you feel like WHY am I always surprised by God?  But on the others hand you never want to lost that ability to be awed by Him!  I couldn't have said it better my sweet friend! ;)

I'm in NO means trying to shove all our blessings in your face...  I've waited 10 years for this adoption, and I fully believe that us being faithful and doing what He has wanted us to do, well, He's just blessing us!  ;) 

So this afternoon I sent a text back to my friend that is giving us the camera, I just said: Really?  I'm in awe and dumbfounded!  Have been blessed beyond belief!  I can't take it all in!  I'm now in tears (literally streaming down my face!) Just so extremely thankful! My heart is seriously overflowing! No matter how corny that sounds! I think it's just starting to now really sink in... Just laying upstairs with Thad... Just thinking over everytihng we've gotten! I (we) don't deserve ANY of it, but my God loves me (us) THAT much!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still don't feel as if we deserve this or any of it!  But I'm so EXTREMELY thankful for all he has provided!!!!  I'm so excited to be bringing home 2 little kids!!!

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