Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As you may have read, Thad decided on HIS OWN that he didn't want to wear diapers!  I was in shock and disbelief at when he decided, but trying to go with the flow and help him!  But really the timing was pretty comicall!  ;)

Anywho....  He's pretty much potty trained!  Seriously!!  The whole pooping on the potty part, still working, but getting there!  ;)  Maybe TMI, oh well!  ;)

We've gone out to a few stores yesterday and he was in his underwear and he did GREAT!  At church on Sunday he told me when he had to go!!!  :)  Last nite he kept waking up to go to the bathroom, ok, he woke up 2 times, but he woke up and he kept his diaper dry all nite!  Nap time, I keep him in his underwear, knock on wood, he's been dry!!!  :)

NO MORE DIAPERS, well, anyways for a while, until we know the ages of the kids we are getting!  :)

 Trying on his new undies...  ok, so that's not really where they go...  they were clean for the record!  :)

Haha....  His front side was covered!  :D

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