Friday, October 14, 2011

Something New

What a crazy busy day!

Feels like I've been going all day!  Which I guess I have!  Trying to get Thad to poop on the toilet, I know, maybe TMI, but that basically means just make sure he isn't hiding a corner somewhere.  ;)

Um, yeah, about that...  Have you EVER FOLLOWED, I mean REALLY followed, ALL THE TIME followed, a almost 2 1/2 year old???  Wowza! Talk about little bundle of energy!!! :)

Also, trying to work on a cake!  Needed and wanted to get the camera part of the cake done last nite, but I was way to tired!  It was a bad day yesterday.  Today already started out better, the kids were kissing up by making pb bread with banana slices on top for breakfast.  It was good!  ;) 

So between running around with Thad, trying to get some more done on the cake, making sure the older 3 were behaving...  It was a crazy day!  ;)

On top of that I made Thad an eye doc appointment.  I've noticed over the last 2 months that his eyes were crossing more and more and not focusing back very quickly.  It seemed to be getting worse and not better.  I also thought it was both of his eyes, but couldn't tell.  Didn't know if that was possible, so thought maybe it was in my head.  I knew the appointment wasn't anymore than 10 bucks, and I really wanted to know what was going on.  So today was the day.

I went in thinking, ok, he's gonna need glasses.  But eye patch and surgery was way back in my head, but was trying to keep all my options open!  I was also going in thinking, I am not going to make any decisions, gonna come home and do some research.  But if he needed glasses, I knew I couldn't hold off.  I also knew I was NOT going to get them at Lenscrafters after everything we've gone through with them!  (let's just say after having Curt's glasses for 3 months, they sent us a letter saying that Curt's lens were still not right!  :\ so they are on order... long story on that one if you don't already know...)  BUT they have for 30 bucks a 15 month guarantee that if something happens to the lens or the frames, they replace them for FREE!  ALSO, if his prescript changes for some reason in 90 days, they change them for FREE as well.  So, we decided to do that, we didn't want to, but we did.  He has to go back in 6-8 weeks to make sure it hasn't changed and see how he is doing.  She did say that a lot of kids with what he has usually has to get bifocals, but she did it without first to try.

He has weak and bad depth perception, so that's part of the of the prob, plus he is far sighted.

Poor kid, has his momma's and Granpa's eyes!  I feel bad that at the age of 2 he needs to wear them, but glad I took him in when I did.  Let's just say if I didn't, his depth perception could've gotten much worse and not repairable!  The doc said that you need depth perception for most jobs, so the glasses will help repair and strengthen it!

Will see how it goes the next 6-8 weeks!  I'm praying that he will adjust and wear them!  He kinda fought a bit with them tonite...  I think partly he was tired, and his eyes were still dilated.  She put 2 different drops in his eyes, so it was the STRONG dose of that!  She said he did GREAT, he didn't even cry like most kids do who need that done! 

Such a big boy, so proud of him today!  Between the peeing on the potty, now the glasses, he's done well!  He was very tired today, but so was/am I!!!  ;)

 Here's our lil man with his new specs!!!  Such a sweet lil guy!!!  :)

Ok, we have this HUGE window in our living room, and we've had a LOT more traffic since one of the roads is still closed due to the flooding we had, it totally washed the road away, so the detour is down out street...  All those people got a new view of our house today, Mr Thad mooning everyone front side and back side!  It's a great day!!!  ;)

My breakfast that the kids made us!  :)  Those were some HUGE banana slices on top, but it was good!  Not gonna lie!  :)

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