Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flower Bulbs!!!

Wow, haven't been keeping up to date with this as I would like to!  :\

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who ordered flower bulbs from us! 

My goal was to order 100 bulbs, but then I thought, ok, I'll just do 50.  After a week I had 47...  Then the next thing I know when I went to order them, I counted all the bulbs, I had 103!!!  :)  God is just saying, let me do My work here daughter!  :)  You said you wanted to get 100 bulbs, I'll make sure you get that!
Since we ordered 103 bulbs we made $309!!!!  But then if I sent in a CHECK I was supposed to take off 2%, so we actually made $315!!!  :)

We can't tell you just HOW thankful and grateful you all are!  Every LITTLE bit helps!!!

I just received the bulbs yesterday, so will be in contact to get them to you hopefully by this week-end!  :)

Oh, I also got a free flower bulb of my choice since I hit the 100 mark!  :)  Also, we have 14 different bulbs that will be growing in our Adoption Garden thanks to you all to donated!!!  :)

THANK YOU just seems so inadequate...  But THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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