Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adoption Update!!!

Well, I was TRYING to do better at keeping this updated, but days are busy around here!  NOT complaining though!!!  ;)

I just wanted to share some REALLY cool exciting news with y'all!!!

Sunday Curt had to be at church early due to playing in the band, so the kids and I came later...  I got there and we went to the sanctuary to find Curt to say hi before I had to take the kids to their classrooms.  We walked in and someone found me and gave me a check for her flower bulbs that she ordered.  Then Curt just looked at me with this weird look on his face.  More like shock and disbelief.  He was talking to someone and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a check.  I said oh great, another flow---  before I could finish the sentence he just shook his head no.  I was like oh, ok...  Wondering what's going on.  But by the look on his face, i kinda knew!  ;)

I opened the check and I'm sure my eyes fell out of their sockets, but then I popped them back in and started getting all teary eyed!

Someone gave us $1,000!  That was pretty much what we needed to send in for one chunk, we still need another $6,000, but the first was this $1,000 to get the paperwork started and get it done a bit faster!  We were a bit shy of it from us trying to save every little penny, knowing the kids needed jeans AND 3 of them needed new tennis shoes.  But I kept holding it off saying and praying, trusting and knowing that God would provide!  I didn't know when, but I didn't worry about it!

Boy did He EVER COME THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm still in awe of just how AWESOME our God is!  I've not doubted Him one bit through this, knowing that us adopting it TOTALLY in HIS will, trusting Him that He will give us and provide what we need, RIGHT when we need it!

They told us we could wait another week and a half to send in the check, but the sooner, the better!  :)

We are almost done with our dossier as well!!!  We just need a few more things and that will be complete!

I'm kinda in shock at how fast some of this has come about, but yet, I'm not.  ANYTHING is possible with God, we just have to stand back and let Him do His work!  Trust Him completely!

Well, that's our exciting news for the week for adoption stuff!  :) 

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