Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Water Guy

Do you like my title...?  My hubs was making fun of some of my titles, but hey, I am tired, I really don't care!  Plus, it's all about water inspection.  ;)

We sent our water inspection form in a while ago, prob about a month now?  We also checked and saw that they cashed our check almost right after sending it, so we knew they got it but was trying to figure out why they hadn't called us to set up a time.  I made a deal with Curt, I'd call and find a doc if he would call water, plus, I called for fire inspection, it was his turn!  ;)  Cruel, maybe, but I thought it was fair!  haha  ;)

So he called and got ahold of the gentlemen, he was going to come out right away, but he had to go to the fair to check something out there.  So he made an appointment to come to our house today.  Well, I had made our doc appointments for today.  So I called and cancelled my appointment and made it for tomorrow, while Curt went and got his physical done.  I stayed here for the water dude.  ;)

He was supposed to be here at 9:30, he calls me at 9:30 and says that he is running late...  I am like fine.  He then asked if I could turn on the water on a non-swivel faucet on cold about the width of my finger.  I am like ok.  Do you want me to turn that on now?  He said yes.  I am trying to figure out why it needed to be cold and running for 15 minutes, but oh well.  He got 2 bottles of water, then said he needed to go take it out to his truck and put it on ice.  Then he came back in, and I had to flush the toilet, then he wanted to see the upstairs. 

Before we go any further with this story....  I busted my butt cleaning the downstairs and putting things away.  I had all the kids school books out in the living room on the floor, the game/guest/school room was a MESS, I was sick with a head-ache all last week, seriously, everyday, woke up with one, went to bed with one, no break.  Thad had gotten into some puzzles and mixed up all the pieces.  It was just a mess...  Toys here and there, laundry SERIOUSLY needed to be done....  I was basically getting done what needed to be done, and every time I tried to get up to do something, it would make my head hurt worse, so I just gave up!  So yesterday I had a bit of relief from my head-ache, and I KNEW I needed to get busy and get the house picked up and somewhat clean.  Knowing full well that I will get it even better for the home study on Friday.  But just enough to make it look ok.  So when he said he wanted to go upstairs, I am like ok....

Ok, we go up the stairs, he starts asking if this is the only way up, and I say yes, it is.  He said it's really odd that the stairs on the back side of the house and not the front.  Then he was like oh, it was probably an attic and then added this part on huh?  I said, yes, I think so.  So he went into the girls room, and said there is a screw missing from the vent, that needs to be fixed.  I said ok, I'll get that fixed.  Then starting to go back downstairs, he noticed the 2 doors on either side that are storage.  He said, what's in there?  I said storage.  He said open the door, so I open the door, he then looks at it, then looks at the door. I don't like that there isn't a key lock on these doors, you really should get a key lock on these doors, and I don't like that this has a drop off with no rails.

We have a slight ledge, wide enough for a kid to sit on, no railings.  So he said, I need to write down things that I observe, and I am going to write down, about the screw in the vent, then I am going to write about the key lock, and the railings, also, you need to do a better job on the upkeep of your house, esp the upstairs.  now I know you have kids and things happen, but it's just something that I have observed.

I'm also thinking, you were supposed to check my water and make sure what little chemicals I have in this house are in a safe spot, you aren't supposed to tell me my upkeep on the house needs some work!!!  (can you tell I'm  a but flustered?  Yes, my house isn't always clean, chances are you come to my house, there will a room or two that's messy or has dust, but my kids are fed, I play games, read books with my kids and I teach them.  I cant have a perfect house all the time!  I should mention that Thad is 2 1/2 and ALLLLLL boy!!!  Am I making excuses, no, just being honest!!!!  ;))

I look at him, like are you serious?  If I would've known he was going to come in with a white glove, I would've busted my butt for the upstairs too!  Ok, he didn't have a white glove, but it sure felt like it!
I swear this guy is ex military, plus he's also very prim and proper.  I told Curt he prob pulled up to the house thinking, oh man, I really need to get on gloves to go in this house, only b/c we have some major weeds outside!  ;)

The upstairs is more the kids area, I don't clean up there as much b/c it's their space.  They are responsible for it, it's their rooms and the play room.  Yes, I clean it, but not as much as I clean the downstairs.  Also, with being sick and not doing anything for a week, and not checking to make sure they were really doing a good job at cleaning, it's gonna get messy. 

Oh well, it's over and I'm ok.  ;)  Like I said, I planned on really cleaning up there and making sure most little things were picked up, but didn't worry about it with this guy, the water dude!

He said that he will send in the water samples, if it doesn't pass, he would know by Friday.  So I am praying that it passes so he doesn't have to come back out again!!!  I know, that sounds bad, but he had me nervous!  He walked in the door and saw the younger 3 and asked why aren't you in school?  They said we are HOME SCHOOLED!!!!  :)  With big huge smiles on their faces!  He just got this look like, oh, then he said, ok, well, you go do your work and stay out of my way and I'll stay out of your way. I was like ok.... 

So that's done, now I have my physical tomorrow morning, then Thursday morning I take the girls in for their yearly check up, Friday even we have our first, well second, but first here at the house, home study!  :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to go clean my upstairs with a tooth brush and bleach! ;)

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