Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Vampire...

Yeah, no worries, I am not much into vampires and all, but that's what I call the peeps that take your blood, and I know there another name for them, but I can't think of it at the top of my head.  I am going to blame lack of sleep and the fact that I had my blood taken that I can't remember the right name!  ;)


Last nite the kiddos and I went up to Manassas to celebrate Curt's birthday with him since he wasn't home.  We spent the nite at the hotel with him and then the kids and I left at 7:30 this morning to make it in time for the girls 10 am yearly check up.  I almost cancelled it, but I decided to keep it.  We got to the doc office at 9:35, walked in and actually got in and out by 10:40, that's a HUGE shock right there!  ;)  We left there and then I drove over to the vampires.  Got there right around 11:00, got the paperwork done and started at 11:10, had to pee in a cup then she did a breath test, then she took 5 tubes of blood, had to drink a wonderful sugary drink.  Ok ladies who have had a baby, you know that sugary drink you need to take, yah, it was a bit more sugary than that, and it coated my throat!  She said I needed to drink it in one sip without stopping and try not to take a breath.  Oh and drink through the straw.  I am like ok...  I drank it, lovely, had a hard time afterwards, since it was sticking to my throat I felt like I couldn't swallow or breathe, so I was telling myself to breathe slowly through my nose.  So after a few slow breathes, I was ok.  So I had to sit there for another 15 minutes so I could do another breath test.  Left there at 11:35, and ran into Giants to get the ice cream so I could make Curt's ice cream cake, which is already a day late.  :\

Got home and fed the kids some lunch, they did a little bit of the upkeep that I needed to work on  ;), then put them down for a nap.  I did some laundry and found something to eat for lunch, seeings how I hadn't eaten anything since 8 the nite before, and it was already 1...  I only had 2 glasses of water when we got home.

It's been a busy day of trying to work on my upkeep of my house...  the upstairs is almost as clean as, well, as clean as it will ever be most likely!  haha!  ;)

Tomorrow Curt is going to go get his blood taken, then he will come back home.  We are watching Audrey tomorrow as well, so once she gets here, we will leave to go to, get this, the HEALTH DEPARTMENT, (I think God has a mjor sense of humor!!!  ;)) to get our TB test done.  Then we will have our first in home home study visit.  Our orientation at the AWAA home office was considered our 1st visit.  :)

So after I wrote the last blog about the water guy, I got to looking at his card.  After he left he handed me his card, but I didn't look at it beacsue I had 3 ltitle ones trying to ask me a question about their school work they were doing.  So I just put it on the piano and left it.  I forgot about it and then like I said, after I wrote the last blog, I went to go look at his card.  It said he is from the Health Department, soooo, that would explain the "you need to work on the upkeep of your house" comment!  It still took me off guard, but oh well.  ;)

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