Monday, September 19, 2011

Update, Friday

Wow, I am really behind! SOOOOO much has happened, not all good either... Not all bad, but let's just say it has been very eventful!!! ;) My computer is now up and running thanks to Josh for fixing it!! I owe him big time! Better get moving on the meals he has requested!! ;)

Anywho... I am getting ready to get my lil munchkins in bed, so I'm signing off for now, but I will be catching this up!

I will prob put the date of what happened as my title, so there may be a ton of posts in one day... But then again, Curt had to send his computer off to HO to get it fixed again, so I may not be able to post as much as quickly this week-end...

Tomorrow Skylar is having 2 friends over for a mini birthday celebration! She's soooo excited!!!! She did ask if Anysley could come... Anysley moved to Texas this summer, Skylar misses her so much! It was so sweet, she said, I want Eden and Savonna to come over, I'd really like Anysley to come too, but she can't, she moved to Texas and I know she can't make it here for my birthday party, I really miss Anysley, I wish I could go visit her.

The reason for all the commas, she didn't stop to breathe that whole time she was talking! ;)

So in between cleaning, sorting, schooling, cooking, organizing, church, yard work, and breathing, I will do my best to get this up to date and soon! I really can't wait to let y'all know what God has been doing in this family! like I said, it hasn't been all good, but I still give God all the glory! He has a plan for us, while we see the here and now, He sees the bigger picture, He really knows what He is doing. We may not understand it right now, but we have to trust Him, know that He has the best for us, we may have trials here and now, but keep our eyes on Him, He will get us through, and bless us for trusting Him!

Keep checking, I promise more to come!! Also, recipes will be posting more of those soon!! Yah for having my computer back!! :)

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