Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday Home Study Visit (9-25-11)

What a crazy week!  Trying to get everything all cleaned up and decent looking for our home study, which was SUPPOSED to be Sept 23, a Friday.  I was watching Audrey all day, but that wasn't a problem, she was great, and we all were cleaning up after each other!  Starting Thursday, I was seriously following them, saying, hey, that doesn't go there, is that where that goes, do you think you put it in there right, etc...  I felt bad constantly asking them if they had everything picked up, but my house looks great and I wanted it to stay that way!
So Friday Mat came to get Audrey and at 4:15 (our meeting was supposed to be at 5) I get a phone call, saying I need to re-schedule our home study visit.  I am like ok, I couldn't quite hear what she was saying, all the kids were all being loud trying to tell Audrey bye...  So I said, you need to reschedule the home study visit that was supposed to be tonite, right?  She kinda laughed and said yes, I said ok, when did you want to do it?  She asked Sunday?  I was like oookkkkkaaaay, what time?  She said after church, what time do you guys get home?  I said normally we are home by 1, but if we could make it maybe 1:30 so I could get us all fed?  She said, ok how about 2?  I said perfect!

The reason i was saying okay the way I did, it was a VERY busy Sunday for us!  We had church, b-day party, then life group!  With very little time after church before we had to head out for the party.  So I was worried we wouldn't make it to the party, but knew we really needed to get the ball going on these visits!

So she got here at 2, and was only here for 30 minutes!  When she was getting ready to leave she said that she would do the walk through on the house with me on Tuesday.  And that if one of our references could be here, that would be great. 

I about asked her if she wanted to do the walk through today, like now, but i didn't.  ;)

I think God has a sense of humor on that, making me keep my house that much longer, me wondering if I could do it!

So again, another 2 days of following the kiddos, clean that up, put that away, you didn't put the book on the shelf right!  ;)  But we survived, we are all still alive!!!  ;)

We got to make it to the party, and life group, we were all pretty tired by the time we got home.  Infact, all the kids were asleep by the time we got home!  ;)

For our visit, she just asked us a few questions that we had to answer on our auto bios and our app.  There were a few others too.
She asked how long have we lived here, how long have we been a member at our church, how long has Curt worked for his company, am I a stay at home mom, etc...

She asked the kids a few questions, their ages, names, grades....  Then asked if they knew what adoption meant, how do they feel about that, are they excited to be getting a new brother and sister, etc....

Curt and I were joking, saying wow, that was fast, we either passed or it was only supposed to be that long!  ;)

So another 2 days of keeping the house clean....  ;)

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