Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Study Visit (9-27-11)

Wow, that was just yesterday! Seems like forever ago, but yet not really...

I got to watch Audrey again in the morning for a few hours, and then we did last minute cleaning. Made sure everything was picked up, the bathroom was clean, dishes out of the sink, supper was ready for the kids, etc...

I was READY, I was a bit unsure of the questions, but I was ready... Or as ready as I ever was going to be. I'm not a big fan on "surprise" meetings. What I mean by that is, if I don't really know what's going on, what's going to be asked of me, etc... I usually like to sit and process my thoughts before I blab it out, but then again, I do blab it out. Sometimes I wish I kept my mouth shut after I've blabbed something, so I REALLY didn't want that to happen this time! I really wanted to know what to say and how to say it. BUT God knew my fears and He kept me calm. I was NOT nervous, I figured right about 5, I would be getting really nervous, but I wasn't! I had many friends praying for my calm nerves and I can NOT thank you all enough for those prayers! I seriously felt them! :)

She called just a bit after 5 and said she was running a little late. She had originally said she would be here between 5-5:30, so it wasn't a big deal.

I had supper all ready for the kids and I made them wait til I knew she was about here so they would be eating while she was talking to me, then I had a planned on letting them watch a movie upstairs.

So right about 5:25 I let them start eating, and she showed up at 5:30. So she and I talked and then Necie got here at 6, so I went upstairs with the kids while she talked to Necie. Then I had to go back down and finish talking with her.

She basically asked all the questions that were on our auto bio, I am still trying to sort out why they wanted to re-ask those questions, but oh well... Not gonna lose sleep over it! ;)

Then she asked me if I got a copy of the water papers. (Even she said WATER, not SANIATION!! ;)) I said yes, I had just gotten them that morning, I seriously did NOT want to open it, but knew she was coming so knew I had too.... just seeing the whole up-keep ruffled me feathers a bit, but I got over it... I said did you need to see it thinking she hadn't seen it yet... She said no, I have a copy. Do you understand everything he wrote down? I said yeah. I then said I fixed the vent, I put a screw in there. Then she asked about the railings and I told her it would be easier to show her when we go upstairs, and then the doors are up there too.

So we started downstairs and I showed her every room. The only thing she didn't do was open closets, but now that I think about it, all our doors are open! LOL ;)

When we got up the stairs, I showed her the "drop-off" and the doors that he recommended having a key lock. She just had a look on her face, like seriously? So I showed her the rooms and said that we are moving Kotah over to this room, so Skylar and then the one we adopt will share a room. I said I plan on keeping all the boys in one room, but we have the option of one of the rooms downstairs to make into a bedroom if we really need to. But she didn't seem to have a prob with all 3 in one room.

We got back downstairs, she wrote a few things down. I then asked her what she thought about the railing and the key locks. I said if you think we need to do something about it, I can get working on that this week. She said well, did he say you had to do it? I said, according to the paper, it was what he observed, and then down in recommendations, he said he recommended it be fixed. But she kinda rolled her eyes, and said, I don't see a problem with those things, but I need to ask Susan and I’ll let you know. Then she asked about the up-keep, she said, what did he mean by that? Just some toys and clothes on the floor? I said yes, I was sick all the week before so I wasn't making sure everything was put away in the right spot. She kinda laughed. I got the impression that she thought this guy was a little too picky on some things, but he was just doing his job. I know now for next time, when they say water, they mean SANIATION!!!! :) Make sure you can go through the house with a white glove! ;) Ok, I'm not gonna lie, my house will NEVER be THAT clean! ;)

That was pretty much it! She was here just over an hour!

Now Curts turn is this Friday between 5 and 5:30. I'm sure his won't be as long as mine since she already did the walk through!

Oh, I said for Friday when she has to talk to Curt, I said, do you need me and the kids to be gone? She said, no you can be here, so I said ok, we'll just hide upstairs; she kinda looked at me and laughed. ;)

We are getting closer! I need to call and see if our blood work is in and if it is, I need to get a traveling notary to come with me so we can get the papers notarized! Then we can HOEPFULLY give them to our coordinator on Friday! As long as they have someone available to meet me at the doc office! :)

So that's pretty much where we are! J

Still selling bulbs, pass the word on!

My cuz wrote me and said I should build on my sentence of if you don't want to plant them, but want to help support, I can plant them in my garden.

So if anyone still wants to do that, we will make an Adoption Garden! What a great way to be reminded every year of all who helped us bring our little ones home!!!

Home, can't wait! I'm so uberly excited!!!! :D

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