Friday, September 30, 2011

God's Sense of Humor

Title pretty much says it all!  It's been a crazy last few days!

Curt was traveling with his boss, then came home late Wednesday nite, left Thursday around 2-3 pm, and had an overnite store re-model.  He had a 9 am phone interview, then that evening (today) was supposed to be his home study interview.  Well...  He got home at 5 am, slept for a few hours, then did his phone interview, and had to leave right away to go back to the store.  Plus be back by 4 so he would be here in time... 

In the meantime this morning Thad had a different idea planned out for me..  He REFUSED to wear a diaper and wanted to wear a pair of underwear.  I had 3 pairs from when Gavin was little, and I found them, washed them so they were ready for when ever...  Well he found them and REALLY wanted to wear them, but he knows he isn't supposed to wear them over a diaper.  So most of my time today, and when I say most, I mean all but the time that he was sleeping for a nap, and Kotah watched him for a bit so I could through in some supper, was following him.  We went through all 3 pairs of undies, and then I had the brilliant of idea after his nap to let him run free.  Plus he wanted his diaper off, and I didn't have any clean and dry underwear because they were in the dryer!  Mind you this is at 3:30 pm, our home study coordinator was going to be here at 5.  I am thinking, what am I going to do, I have a half naked kid, there are a few things out because I wasn't able to check the kids and make sure they were putting things away.  I was laughing because I thought it was pretty funny, God's sense of humor!  ;)

So at 3:30, she calls and says she needs to re-schedule it for tomorrow morning.  So I was safe with my half naked child running around!  ;)

Tonite we went out and got him a potty seat so he won't fall in!  Plus he got a new package of underwear, so we are good for a bit!  ;)  But I may just let him run around, it stops him for going in his underwear...  will see what tomorrow brings!  ;)

Also we are going to go Monday to get our blood work paperwork back.  I got a traveling notary to meet me there first thing Monday morning, so as soon as we get that, we can send it to the AWAA, and be just about done with paperwork!  :)

So that's where we are!  Curt has his interview tomorrow mid morning, she's coming here again, so better get some cleaning and picking up!  It actually isn't too bad though!  ;)  But it's amazing what doesn't get done when your focus is changed.  Ya know, like potty training a child...  Such a FAVORITE thing of mine to do!  ;) It will happen, just have patience!  Right?  Unless someone wants to do it for me...?  ;)

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