Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dolphin Tale

Yeah, you read it right! ;)

There is a new movie coming out called Dolphin Tale! Can I just tell you that I am pretty excited about this! Why you ask? Well, for starters it has CHRISTIAN values in it and I saw a little preview of it... Pretty awesome!!!

Its hard to find good quality movies that are actually GOOD that get my kids attention. I know that as my kids get older they will still like this movie!

Oh and you know what else? You can get some FREE, yep, you read that right too, FREE curriculum to go with this! So you can go watch the movie and then come back home and use the curriculum to go over it! So for all you home school families out there, this is AWESOME!! Those of you who aren't homeschooling, it's still really good for you guys as well! It's great to talk about the movie and use the curriculum as a guideline!

Check out this link.... :)

(sorry, it won't just take to you the link, you have to copy and paste it! :\)

There is also something called Home school Movie Club, there is a blog, and they are also on Face book, check them out too! :)

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