Sunday, September 25, 2011


(I started this post back in 2008 and for some reason never posted it... so I found the video again b/c it wasn't posted and am re-posting it... ;)) So, did you see it? How many passes did you get? I saw the 13 passes, but TOTALLY missed the bear! I'll be honest, I saw this video on 2 other blogs, but it got me to thinking. The other day driving home I noticed that the railroad lights were flashing. (On our street we do NOT have the little signs that come down and stop you from going over the tracks as a train comes by! Let me tell you that I have TOTALLY missed those lights MANY times! The trains go slow enough, but it still close enough to make you wanna pee your pants!! :O) )Anyways... I also noticed that an older couple in front of me did NOT notice them because they kept on barreling through! I was like, oh, do I honk at them, do I flash my lights? I was praying that they would see those lights and THANKFULLY they did, JUST in the NICK of time!!!! But back to the video, yeah, it's for bike safety, but how many times do we just go through life. You know, with out really noticing things? Because we are too much into "ME" that we don't notice things. I know for me, there are days that I am pretty much on auto pilot and get through the day, without noticing the little things. Kids are a perfect example!!! They always hear the "nose pecker", or see the little green things growing out of the ground, or the ants (then Gavin will step on them, but still!), they LOVE to look at the clouds and see what kinds of things they can see, they watch the birds flying.... They take the TIME to notice things! It's not just cause they are learning these things, but they have all the time in the world! I don't know about you, but I feel like I am always going from one thing to the next and don't really have time to just STOP and notice things! We need to stop being so into ourselves and notice things, and THANK HIM for what He has created!!!! I am also going to be JOYFUL tomorrow, even if it raining out! Stop and smell the roses, what an old phrase, but I challenge you to do it! Take time to watch the ants, watch the clouds!! The other day Kotah was telling me what she was seeing in the clouds, so I looked up and said, oh do you see the turtle? Gavin piped in and said he saw a dragon and dino! I love that my kids are stopping to notice the little things! They are AWARE! Instead of looking down, start looking up. That's what God wants us to do anyways, isn't it? Too look up and to HIM! Looking down causes us to think and to worry about things. Who of you by worrying can add single hour to his life? (Matthew 6:27) Take the time to REALLY listen to what God is telling you! Because if we aren't being aware of our surroundings and what He has created, are we being aware to what God is telling us and REALLY listening to Him?

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