Friday, July 22, 2011


Trying to get all this paperwork started so it's under our belt before we leave for vacation! ;) As much as possible anyways... ;)

I was finishing up my auto-bio last nite... You have to write atleast 2 pages, but no more than 4. If you tell me how many pages you have to have, I'm not gonna be able to do it, I'm gonna get writers block. I will write one line, call it quits. But if I just go and write, do my own thing, I'm fine. But yah, tell me what I'm supposed to write and how many pages, nope...

Honestly, I was trying to get it done all last week and this week. Or atleast started last week. But one thing after another, I just didn't do it.

This week, I knew I had to get it done, but have been working on 2 cakes this week as well. So crazy busy with that, trying to keep the kiddos happy, play with them, also keep the house somewhat clean... I kept putting it off.

So last nite I grabbed my computer.. Oh, that's another thing, my computer cord is going bad, or something. It has a mind of it's own. It has some wires showing, so it won't always charge my computer even if it is plugged in! GRRR.... I jiggle it, jam it, put it in gently, anything, nothing works. So my computer was about dead, I didn't want to start it then it die on me. A friend told me to e-mail it to myself, and then I could work on it on hers.

Ok, back to last nite, I sat down while we were watching LOST, opened my computer, and what do you know? It was charging! WHOO HOO!!! So I started writing, I was thinking, I am gonna knock this thing out!

I was seriously had 2 -3 paragraphs to go, I had written out 2 pages, small font.. Big huge step right there for me! ;) I go to hit the save button, didn't even THINK that it didn't have me name the file... Went and closed it... Then I had a feeling, so I opened it back up and couldn't find it! :\ My heart sank a bit, but I wasn't stressed or mad...

I told Curt and he was really upset for me, he looked EVERYWHERE trying to find it for me. Let's say say it was almost 1am and he couldn't find it. I kept telling him, don't worry about it, I'll just re-write it. But he felt so bad... he did realize though that I don't have an auto save on my computer, so he set it up where it has that now! ;)

So... now I get to re-write it, but I'm putting it off. I'm going to finish the cakes and during our yard sale tomorrow, I'll start re-writting it! :)

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