Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We got a phone call and an e-mail tonite telling us that we can now start the paperwork!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!! ;)

We printed out all the papers of info... Lots of things to get around...
We need to get a new birth certificate, marriage license... can't be copies... So praying that once we get the online form filled out, we will get them quickly... ;) There are other things we need to get as well, paper work from our doc's, background checks from all the states we lived in... That one will be the fun one, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and Maryland! Again, praying that we can get them quickly! And if we can't, that I won't be stressing about not getting them! ;)

We also e-mailed our "contact person" (the lady that sent us this e-mail is the person we will have until we get our child(ren)! She's the one we ask all questions, etc...) about the home study since we still haven't heard on that one. Hoping to know more about that this week! :)

Anywho, that's where we are so far!

Oh, we have had 2 garage sales and have made $800! :) We had to send a $2,000 check in a few weeks ago and we had $1,500. With our first garage sale, I said, it would be cool to get atleast $400! Then as the day was going on, there was a buck here and there and then 20 here and there... I was thinking, wow, we won't even make $300! After we packed it all up, came inside and counted the money... Guess how much we had made? We made EXACTLY $501!!!!! I said, ok God, I get it, I trust You, You got this!!! :)

God is providing and I need to keep trusting Him for everything, including the paper work!

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

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