Monday, June 20, 2011

More Waiting

Just a little update on where we are with the adoption process. ;)

We've been waiting to hear back from AWAA for the Home Study, since that is the next step. Until we get that done, we really can't do anything, other than put money aside! ;) Which we were doing, we needed $2,000 once we sent in some paperwork. We were putting some aside and were about $500 short. We had a garage sale Saturday and made $502!!! At first I was thinking, man, we've only make like $100, there's no way we are even gonna make 400, like I was hoping to! ;) Then when all was said and done, we counted the money and it was $502! I think that was God's way of saying, Bam, I TOLD YOU I got ya covered! TRUST ME! I find it a bit funny that he made exactly $502 not $499, or $500, but $502! ;)

So we wrote a check and I need to take it to the Post Office to get it sent out. So we made sure we had all the paperwork we needed, plus the check.

We got an e-mail from the lady at AWAA saying that they are STILL waiting to hear back from China about the homestudy. It could be a few more months before they hear anything, so they told us to go ahead with a different organization to do the home study. Her boss is out of town until next week, and he will be able to tell us the "good" ones to try. So, after next weak I am hoping that we will have a better idea who to call for the home study to get that started!

We are going to do another garage sale this week-end! People have been donating things for us to sell! Kinda funny how it all started!

I mentioned to a friend who have recently brought home their little girl from China, and said that we "kinda" thought about having a garage sale to start raising some money. So she was looking in her garage ready to get the stroller out and cleaned up to take to Goodwill when she remembered out conversation. She e-mailed me and asked if we were going to do it. I said funny you should mention that. Just the nite before I had a conversation with God saying, ya know, we don't have enough things to even make it worth while to do a garage sale. I'm just going to take what i have to Goodwill, be done with it. God said, no, you are going to do a yard sale. I said but God, I don't have, and He interrupted and said, I've got you covered. You will have a yard sale. I said, ok God, I trust You.
So then to get the e-mail from my friend saying that was like wow!! :)

Then that Sunday (this whole conversation with God was on a Thursday, my friend sent me an e-mail that Friday) I was telling 2 other friends what was going on. My one friend is moving and she said, I can bring my stuff for you to sell? I said, yeah, if you want the money to go in the adoption jar fund! She was so excited! She brought over 2 car loads!!! ;) Then the other friend brought about 2 car loads as well!
Then I just mention about my God moments on my Facebook status and had quite a few other people say they wanted to donate things as well! I was just TOTALLY blown away by everything that has been donated! I appreciate more than I can ever say!

So, we will do another yard sale and bake sale this week! Come out for some good bargains! ;) All money is going right in our fund! We have paid just over $2,000, and still have a bit over $30,000 to go. Now, it may be more if there are 2 children involved. I still don't know if we are getting one or two. The number 2 has been placed on my heart, and the kids are still saying they are getting 2, a brother and a sister. I told them, we don't know! That it's all in Gods hands!

So, that's about where we are right now. More waiting, but it's all good! Hopefully when the lady's boss gets in town next week, we will know some more and can get the ball rolling on the homestudy! :)

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Pink Tulip Girl said...

I think it's great that you guys are adopting. I'm glad I could help out! Your post tells the story, God wants this for you guys. :)