Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, I guess we've been approved! American World Adoption Agency has APPROVED us today!!!!!!!! Friday, May 6, 2011! :D :D :D :D :D

My dear husband has been on and off the phone so much today! He's has a gazillion phone interviews and calls all day! It's been crazy! Thankfully the kids have been pretty good, but we were gone for most of the morning doing some shopping! ;)

We had a little bit later supper tonite, so I was still cooking it at 5:30. The phone rang about 5:40 and looked at the caller id, it was a 703 number, just had that feeling that I need to pick it up. The lady said, hello Mandy? This is Sara from American World Adoption Agency. i said, oh hi, how are you? She said great, how are you? Then she said that we've been approved for the adoption! I literally started jumping up and down. Of course, she didn't hear that! ;)

She then went on to tell me some other things, I don't remember it all, but it's ok, she was calling to tell me that she was calling about the e-mail she was getting ready to send. But wanted to call and talk to us first. She would hit send right after hanging up the phone.

She also stated that China has changed some things JUST this week about the whole home study. Something that they didn't agree with. AWAA does the home study for certain states b/c they have an office here. SO, that would've been the next step, but for now, we wait until they hear back as to what China wants. Either AWAA does it, or they get in contact with someone that China agrees with.

She then told me that there is an 8 hour video training that we needed to do. We had 8 weeks from the time we signed up to do. We signed up that Friday and got it done that Saturday nite! :)

It was very informative, and I know I don't remember everything! But they talked alot about special needs as well. I know our world is going to change, and it may be rocky at time, but I KNOW with out a doubt that we are doing what God has called us to do!

Sara told us that we should know by next Friday about the home study and all. Again, more waiting, but I know that we've been approved, it's just waiting on the next step. ;)

I got off the phone with her, supper was ready, got it out for the kids and sat down. I couldn't eat, I HAD to tell Curt, so I jumped up, went back to our room where he was still on the phone! :\ He had briefly seen the e-mail, so he kinda knew, but he didn't know that she had called and talked to me! So as soon as he got off the phone, I said, she called! ;) We've been approved, and everything else is spelled out in this e-mail! :)

We called and told my mom, well, the kids did! They said, you're gonna be a gramma, but not the way you think! ;) my mom knew it was coming! ;)
So then we called Curt's parents and said the same thing! :)

We've been doing some cryptic status' on Facebook to see if anyone got it! Some did, some didn't! :)
I put down, Happy Mothers Day to me... The Cecil house is gonna get crazier!
It was funny and fun to see every one's responses!
Then Curt wrote down we are the pirates who don't do anything song, and he put a few CAPITAL letters that spelled out ADOPTION.
Then my next one was, so excited for the wink wink, please pray for me!
And then I had the capital letters that spelled out CHINA! ;)

Again, a few people got it, and still a few people had no clue! :)

Now, pretty much everyone knows, and if they don't, they do now! ;)

I'm so excited that we are taking this journey and so excited to see what God has in store for us! I thank Him that His timing is perfect, even when we don't always think so. And i pray that i remember that even if we are still short some money and it's due right away! :)

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