Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Satan's Attacks

Have you ever just gone though the motions? Yes, there is a song for that, but seriously.. have you?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't, infact, I just was, just this last week too!

Why is that Easter and Halloween the devil seems to attack even more so? I mean, seriously, are we gonna let that guy win? No way!

I am trying to be more open, so take what you read, I guess however. Not to be rude, I don't mean too, but I've said this before, this is my bog, these are my thoughts, and if you don't want to read it, then don't! ;) I mean that out of love, not hatred. Ok? ;)

Lately I've been in my "funk" again... I get up, get showered, make sure the kids are fed, all meals, do some school work, go to church, give the kids showers, clean up what I only need to clean up, because I really don't care about the rest, sit on the couch, Curt and I watch a movie, we both have our laptops open and I close mine and usually fall asleep before the movie is over. Even when I kiss him good nite, I just say, good-nite, kiss him and roll over and go to sleep.

My husband and I weren't talking. Or more like I wasn't opening up to him. I have this problem of keeping things to myself. Sometimes I don't 100% know what I am feeling, so I just brush it off and say I am fine. Even if I "kinda" know what's wrong, but don't want to talk about it, I say I'm fine. He lets it go, even though he knows something is up.

The problem with keeping things to yourself, they are gonna surface and when they do, things can get ugly! If you know what I mean?

They got a bit ugly, but honestly, it wasn't THAT bad... It was, but it was a good ugly. If that makes any sense? ;)

I cried my eyes out, we talked, we got things out, we both talked how we are/were feeling, and honestly, we are good. Ok, not just good, but GREAT!

I could tell the devil was getting to us, yes, both of us! Not just me! We are both really involved with the church and getting a bit more involved and he is just trying to eat at us so we drop what we are doing at the church. But I can tell you that is NOT going to happen!

A friend told me that he can bend us, but he will NOT break us! In times like these, we cling to God more than ever! He is our strong hold and refuge!

Also, I wasn't as close to God as I should've been. I read my devos and listen to the sermon since I don't get to hear it on Sunday mornings, but do I REALLY read it and SOAK it in? No, I was just going through the motions just to get that check mark on my to-do-list. Wow, that stung, just writing it out. Man, I am getting pretty open and honest here! How many of us read our devos from our computer, or a devotional book, but never crack open our Bible? I've done that, I am sure we all have. It's so convenient to have our computers or our iphones, or our ipod/ipads right there with everything that we need, that we never crack open our Bible to STUDY His word! I cancelled my daily scripture Bible reading to my computer in January, just so I could open up my bible and take notes!

Sure, you can read it right there and get on with what you need to do, and that's the problem. You just go right on doing what you need to do, that you don't just SIT and LISTEN to what He is trying to tell you! What He wants to tell you! How have we become SO busy that we can't sit and REALLY study and read His word! How can we not give even 30 minutes of our time to Him? How often are you on your computer? How often are you playing a game on your ipod/ipad, or even your phone? How often are you checking your e-mails? Can you just take a portion of your time and give it to God?

I've had a few reality checks lately... ;) Curt's been reading a book called WEIRD. He told me I need to read it. I was like, yeah right, whenever, I want to read these other ones first. Well... I jsut listened to a sermon by the author who is a pastor at LIFECHURCH.TV. TOTALLY check it out! I wanted to listen to the 2nd sermon on the WEIRD series, and got too busy playing with the kids! Then I was going to do it tonite, but really wanted to get this off my chest! ;)

I guess what I am trying to say is, again, it just bugs me how busy life has gotten! Do we really need to spend that much time on some electronic device?

I can tell you that Curt and I usually watch a movie every nite after the kids go to bed... So that's what, 7 movies a week? (Ouch, that's alot!!! :\) And this last week, we seriously watched 2. It was nice to just sit on the couch and talk, or play a card game! We both got too busy that we just let our relationship kinda slide. It's both of our faults, not just his or not just mine, it's was both of our faults! You know why? Because we let the devil get to us, not majorly, but little things here and there...

I challenge myself to limited time on my computer, my phone and the tv. And I can say, I've been doing good! ;)

Sure, I need to do e-mails and stuff, I want to try and start posting recipe blogs again, but do we REALLY need all that extra stuff? I won't let my kids play Wii or play on Curt's ipod or on my phone, so why should I get to? They have chores they need to do and school work, but the main thing is, I don't want them to get so used to playing with some electronic game, that they don't want to play an old fashioned card or board game. Or that they fuss and whine because I want them to play outside! And when I do let them play, they are soooo happy! ;) It's all in moderation, i know, and we do let them play, but they know that playing those games are SPECIAL! ;)

Ok, so this may be extreme, but how often are you letting your kids play a electronic game? And I am not saying its you or your child... this is just what I witness out in the world. It's the normal, but I DO NOT want to be normal! I want to be the God kind of weird! I want to be the 7 day a week soooo passionate about Christ weird! Does that make sense?

I challenge you, if you are still reading this, to really look at how much time you are spending with God. We all get in runts and sometimes we need a little slap to get us going again in the right direction. I got my slap.

To be weird, you need to stop CARING about what others think of you and just be that God kind of WEIRD! Will you? Remember though, don't do what that other weird person is doing, you know why? Because you won't be weird, you will be normal and do you want to be normal? If so, do what other normal people do, if you want what few people have, you have to be weird.

I am striving to be that God kind of weird!

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