Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs It?

This morning I got to sleep in a bit.. I got up, came out the couch and sat down to finish up the GARAGEKIDZ schedule... So after Gavin was done eating, he came downstairs dressed. He said Uh mom, I can't turn the washer on. i said, ok, well, did you put laundry soap in it? he said yes mom, i did. I told him, don't worry, I'll come and get it in a bit, I have to finish putting the jeans in the washer.

Ok, let me back track a bit... ;) By our stairs is our washer and dryer room.. Since it's by the stairs, I just have one of the kids bring down their laundry basket and set it in front of the washing room. So by the stairs, I just sort out all their laundry, and then when I bring out ours from the hallway, I just add to it. So i had the kids jeans in the washer and then their darks sitting in another laundry basket waiting for their turn. ;)

So this morning, I was going to add all our jeans and then turn it on after we had our showers.

So, I go around and I start to smell something, and it's strong. I thought, oh, he got the fabric softener in ok! He always adds a bit extra for some reason! ;) I look and see all the jeans that I had in the washer on the floor and all their dark clothes in the washer. I was like, ok, well, since it's darks, I'll just wash their jeans and their darks together. No biggie, have done it before... ;) Then I see some fabric softener on the floor. So I get a paper towel and clean it up. You see, our almost empty fabric softener container fell off the washer, so you have to hold it just right, or it will leak on the floor and you! So, that's what I was thinking happened, no biggie, right? ;)

So I make sure the soap is in there and don't even bother putting any softener in... turn the washer on and walk away.

Come nap time, as I am taking Thad upstairs to bed, he is emptying the washer, he was like, wow, this is a strong smell hun! i was like, yeah, it is. It's not the first time Gavin has helped with the laundry and got a little extra softener!

I come back down the stairs and Curt is back in the living room getting all his work papers sorted for his visits this week. I grab our laundry basket of darks and jeans, throw them in the wash, grab what i thought was our almost empty fabric softener bottle, and empty it, then I go to grab what I thought was my BRAND NEW 155 load softener. (in this house, we buy bulk and BIG!! cheaper to buy the big 155 load soap and softener! ;)) But as I am starting to grab the new bottle, I notice that there is the softener on the outside by the pouring spout. You know how when you use the soap and softener, you get that little bit of build up? Well, I saw it and I was like, no, no way! I go ahead and grab it and empty that puppy out!

You should've seen me!!! I was looking allllll over the place and thinking, what did he do with that WHOLE bottle of softener!!! Surely he didn't pour the whole bottle in the laundry, or did he? I was like really? At this point i am starting to laugh!

I walk out to the living room and hold up the 2 bottles and say uh huh? He was like what? I have this huge smile on my face, I am like shaking them! He said, no way, no way.... he didn't... I just shook my head and was laughing! I am like, seriously, what else am I gonna do!!

Curt said, we just bought that bottle! He didn't use the whole thing! You need to go talk to him. I said, I know...

so, I go back to our room where he lays down, and I open the door and just hold up the bottle and say hey bubby, what happened? He looked at me and said, i am sorry mom. I didn't see it going in the container so I just kept pouring. I said, bubby, you used the whole bottle? Yea, mom, I am really sorry! i say, thank you so much for your help, but let's let mommy and daddy pour the soap and you can put the clothes in and help turn the washer on, ok? He said ok mommy. i said, I love you bubby!

I walk out of the room and just bust out laughing! I can't get mad, he was helping, or so he thought! Ok, so he used a WHOLE BOTTLE of fabric softener which was about 10 bucks on ONE load of laundry, but hey! Give the boy credit for helping, right? ;)

I was wanting to see if I could find a homemade recipe to make my own fabric softener anyways... just a better excuse to it NOW!!!

And I do believe that I will be keeping the kids clothes separate and washing them by themselves, since they won't need any softener for a while!!! ;)

Let's just say that after 6 hours, the house still smells like it!!! The kids folded all their clothes and put them away UPSTAIRS!!! The upstairs also smells quite good!

So..... if you see my kiddos and they smell EXTRA clean and EXTRA soapy, it's because they are! ;)

I love my kids, and I love that they want to help and I am going to take that help while they are willing to offer it without a fuss!! :D

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