Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ha, I guess what else is new huh? ;) Tired seems to be the way the last few weeks have gone!

Curt left for Guatemala EARLY Monday morning! The kids and I went to Mount Vernon Monday... Since it was President's Day, they had free admission, woot,woot!!! Will for sure be going back! We didn't make it into the Mansion. Some tears were shed on that, b/c Kotah thought that it was only open that one day a year and she would have to wait until next year to get in! I don't know what made her think that, OTHER than we went out there one time last year, and it was after 5, so they were already closed. So I am thinking she was thinking that it was closed for good.. I dunno... I was tired from not getting enough sleep the nite before, thanks Thad. ;) And then it was misting, well, sprinkling, I wasn't sure it was gonna downpour or not, but I did NOT want to be outside with 4 little ones by myself! No sir! No thank you! So we did a bit of walking around outside (before it started raining), and then did some inside with the museums and displays. It was really cool!

Tuesday, what did I do? I don't remember... Oh, I guess we did some running, got a few things done. I bought a new storage holder for Kotah's clothes. I seriously was planning on getting her moved into her new room this week! But the way things are going, it isn't happening very fast! :\

My mom was planning on being here on Monday nite, but she ran into some snow that caused her to stop at a hotel. Very thankful that she did! There was a guy in front of her checking in that said that he lives an hour from the hotel but he couldn't take it anymore, so he stopped! So if a seasoned PA driver had to stop in the storm, you know it's bad!

So she got here about 3:30ish on Tuesday. It was so nice having her here! I felt bad because Skylar was starting to not feel so hot! She ended up with a fever and it hasn't completely broken yet! :\

Wednesday morning met at the church for a short meeting, then back home. Decided not to go to church in the evening, due to Skylar not feeling good, and me just being tired. AND I really didn't want to go since I knew mom was leaving today.

Thursday we were supposed to go to SPEAR, but Skylar still had the fever and I didn't want to go! Mom offered to stay here with her, so I could take the older ones. But I did NOT sleep the nite before! Gavin was up all nite with his legs hurting due to growing pains! My heart just breaks for this boy! I ended up letting him sleep in bed with me and kept the heating pad on ALLLLL nite! normally we only have to leave it on til he goes to sleep if he gets the pains, but not last nite! Then he kept kicking me, then he would wake up and I would have to make sure the heating pad was on his legs where it hurt! :( Then, Skylar got up about 4 times during the nite! So trying to take care of those 2, plus not get kicked by Gavin, it was fun! I think all in all, I got about 1-2 hours of sleep...

I ran to Giant and Target really fast before lunch. i needed a few things before tomorrow... I just didn't want to have to take Skylar out and I knew I could get it done REALLY fast with out the kiddos!! It was starting to rain, and with her not feeling good...

mom left about 1:30 and called me at 5:30 saying she was pulled over, an hour from my brothers house, with a flat tire. She thinks it's from a pot hole she couldn't miss. She finally got there at 7:30...

I rented Open Season 3 for the kiddos tonite. I just was feeling bad that they missed church and SPEAR due to sickness, so I was trying to make it up to them! ;) They all thought it was pretty funny! I was able to get a few things done before Thad came crying to find me! So then I had to stop and sit and watch the movie with them.

I love being able to sit and do that, but sometimes I like to be able to get things done and put away while they watch a movie. But it's ok. A messy house will always be here, but my kids won't always be this size! ;)

I have felt, I dunno. I can't really explain the way I've been feeling. I dunno if I am grieving my dad, missing my hubs, going crazy b/c I am home alone, I just don't know. And honestly, it could be all the above! Then there are other things going on. Nothing bad!

I am tired, I prob shouldn't be blogging. It's never a good idea for me to try to write down my thoughts when I'm this tired...

No matter what comes my way, or how tired I am, my faith, hope, trust and love and eyes are on You God! Help me to never waiver from You! You are my all in all and my everything! Guide and direct me to where You want me to be. Show me the right path and help me to keep my eyes, ears and heart open to what You are showing me and telling me!

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