Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black Eye

About a week ago, well, a little more than that now, Thad got a black eye. I am not 100% sure what exactly happened... I put him in his bed for a nap. He is the only one that knows how to climb out of the crib! He has done other things that the other 3 haven't! Some days I have to say that the Lord blessed me with him as my last, because God knew that if he was my first, I may not have any others! LOL Just kidding!!! He's also the first one that needed to go to the ER AND get stitches! Now Gavin had to go to the ER, but no stitches!!! ;)


So I went upstairs to check on him and see if he was asleep... I thought I had heard something coming from his room, so I went up to check on him. I listened at the door, and heard him playing really quietly, so I let him go. I had to get downstairs to finish some cleaning that I wanted to get done and knew if I got him out of his room, I wouldn't get any of the cleaning done, what I had gotten done cleaning already would not be clean! This kid knows how to make a mess!! ;)

Back downstairs, I told Kotah to go get a few pieces of bread so we could start her experiment to see how fast the bacteria would grow on it. She went around the corner and she came back down holding Thad. The look on her face, she said mom, he was crying and LOOK AT HIS EYE!!!!!!!!!! She was almost to the freaking out stage! His eye was almost completely swollen shut! There was a little bit of blood under his eyebrow and then a little bit under his eye. It wasn't bad, but with the swelling, it looked REALLY bad!!! I KNEW he wouldn't want me to keep ice on it, so I put in a Veggie Tales, after cleaning his eye a bit, then got a small cold pack to try and put it on his eye while he watched Veggie Tales. I also kept putting Arnica on it and then gave him the pellets too. That REALLY helped with the swelling since he wouldn't keep the cold pack on his eye, even with the Veggie Tales...

Poor kid! After a week it looked GREAT! We all thought that he would look WAY worse the next day, but he looked really good! ;) Curt said that he had a boxer eye, it seriously looked like someone hit him!

This kid keeps me on my toes!!! I guess it's the age too, the more I think about it, the others were all really busy at this age! ;)

Right after it happened! OUCH!

Side view, I know, I forgot to photo shop it and frankly, I am to lazy to change it right now! ;)

His whole cheek was kinda swollen as well! :(
This would be 2 days after it happened! Looking really good for how bad it was!

And this would be 5 days after it happened!
And now, you can't really even tell! Really, the only way you can is if you know it happened and are LOOKING for the bruise! I am tellin' ya, Arnica works wonders!!!
I am glad it wasn't any worse than it was! I was afraid of his vision being affected... but it doesn't seem to be! I do know that the day it happened, when I went to put him to bed that nite, I tried to wake him. He fell asleep in my arms downstairs when the other kids were watching a movie, so I carried him up and put him in his crib, and tried to wake him. he wouldn't wake, I was like, oh boy... So Curt came him and was playing with his ear and finally he woke up a little bit. He just feel asleep really fast and was completely OUT! Normally he wakes up a bit when I carry him upstairs AND then when I put him in his crib, but he wouldn't budge!

But like I said, he's fine now and I am ready for whatever he's gonna do!!!! ;)

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