Friday, December 3, 2010

My Lil Man! :)

I am enjoying sitting here and watching Thad put all the play necklaces on and then about 25 silly bands on his arm.... Then he gets tired of them, takes the necklaces off one by one, then takes the silly bands off... Then he put the necklaces back on one by one, then the silly bands back on one by one! Too funny and cute!
I tried to get a pic, but the lil man just turns around! Sneaky.... ;)

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Lea White said...


Saw your comment on "A Joyful Chaos" and see that you'd love to visit New Zealand some day. I have lived here for 6 years now and I still love this country. It really is beautiful. I hope you will get the chance one day to come and visit.

Lea White
Waikanae, New Zealand