Monday, December 6, 2010

God's Great Grace

Just saw this reading today, how fitting...
I still feel overwhelmed, ok, that's not the right word.  I still, I dunno how I feel.  I know God is here and I have not left His side!  This time in my life is when there is only one set of footprints in the sand, and it's God's, carrying me...  I don't know what I need to get out of my rut, but praying that God is teaching me and I am learning through this grief, depression, whatever you want to call it!
I'm still praising my God, He is my all!!

God's Great Grace

God's grace is great enough to meet the great things,

The crashing waves that overwhelm the soul,

The roaring winds that leave us stunned and breathless,

The sudden storms beyond our life's control.

His grace is great enough to meet the small things,

The little pin-prick troubles that annoy,

The insect worries, buzzing and persistent,

The squeaking wheels that grate upon our joy.

Annie Johnson Flint


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
found your blog and read some posts. I see you are grieving for your Dad. Three weeks ago we lost my father in law to motor neurone disease and I too am going through some kind of blue funk! Please know you are not alone. When we look to the Lord He will deliver us. We learn so much about leaning on Him during times of grief, don't we? but He understands and His grace and mercies are new EVERY morning.
Praying for you right now!
blessings Sandra nz

Sleep, what's that??? said...

Thanks so much! Praying for you during this difficult time!
Grief is a nasty little thing! My dad has been gone for one year, but it seems to be hitting me just now, and hard! :\
I always said, I may not like it, but TRUST You God, You have areason for everything and You know what You are doing, I may not agree, but I TRUST You!
I think some of it the holiday's too?
Praying for you and your family!
Thank you for your prayers!