Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garlic, try it! :D

Guidet Post: Antibiotic Herbs: Garlic

Just saw this on my google reader! IT's sooooo true! I think I will try and make the broth that it mentions here. But I know that un-cooked garlic is better for you! By cooking it, you take some of the strongness of the garlic away.

I just gave some to Kotah this morning b/c she was complaining that her throat hurt. This is NOT the time for this! She has practice tonite, then again Thursday with the Christmas program Fri and Sat!!!! So... I took one clove of garlic and I peeled it, then I chopped it into about 8 pieces for her. I then gave her a pretzel which she took a bite of that, but before she was ready to swallow the pretzel she popped the garlic in her mouth. I know, kinda gross and detailed, but it's the only way I can get her to swallow a pill or garlic! I am just thankful she does b/c it works GREAT!!! She said it still hurt a bit, but it wasn't getting worse like it would be if I didn't give her the garlic!

So.... I LOVE using garlic and we go through a TON of it! I think I will make a garden of garlic this year! We will use it!! :D

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