Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's been a week since Thad got his stitches put in, and now he's got them out and teething, so right back to being fussy!

Anyways, so I went in the doc office on Wednesday. Made the appointment for 10am. I got there at 9:50, and waited in the waiting room for I honestly don't know how long, but it was long enough! I think it was almost 10:30 before we got back to the room!

Got back to the room, the nurse checked him out, then had to do a finger prick b/c his levels were/are low. For the last 2 months his number keep going up by .2. Actually a little more at times. He was at a 9.2 when he first had it checked and is now a 10.8. He needs to be at a 11 or they will make him go get his blood work, like dig for a vein in his arm. I was too ticked to ask why .2 matters, it's way better than it was..... When it was 9.2 the doc wanted me go get the blood work done, but I basically refused. I wasn't going to put him through that. I prayed about it and it kept getting better! So I dunno... he goes back the end of Nov for his 18 month check up, will ask more about it then....

So the reason I was so ticked off by the time the doc came back in was because I had a stinkin appointment and it still took them over an HOUR to get to me! I was there for an hour and fifteen minutes before they got back in the room to get the stitches out!

So after the nurse left and said the doc would be right in, it took about 15 minutes, then she came in, took one look at his head and said, wow, those are in really tight! (In my head I am thinking, um, aren't they SUPPOSED to be in tight? Isn't that the whole purpose of stitches? But I didn't say anything... ;)) So then she said, I'll be right back... Me, thinking, she's gonna get the scissors, then come right back, right?


I was finally in a room where I could see what they did in between rooms and where they went... When the doc walks out of the room, they leave the door open, don't know why, but they do...

So she left, she walked around the corner, grabbed another chart and then went into another patients room. She was in there for a bit, then says the same thing, I'll be right back, goes around another corner and grabs another chart and goes into another room! By now, i am TICKED! She and the other doc there are doing the SAME thing!

Now I am no rocket scientist, but wouldn't it be easier and faster to deal with ONE patient at a TIME? Take care of that one, finish with them, then move on to another one!

So inbetween, the nurse comes in and brings this awesome (not really) contraption. Basically put the kid in there and wrap him up and velcro him in so he can't move. I am like I do not wanna put him in that! Then doc FINALLY comes back in and I'm really fit to bed tied! She asks me, do you think we need another person in here to help hold me? (Um, didn't I hear the same words at the ER?) She said, I don't want to have to put him in that if at all possible. I think it's better for the parent to hold their child. I said, I don't know if I can hold him and his head at the same time, but will try. So all in all, I did. He wiggled a bit, but not too bad!

So he got them out, she put some nasty smelling cream on, then put a piece of gauze on it, then took some tape and wrapped it around his head. Poor kid looked horrible! They didn't even do that for him at the ER! So as soon as we got to the van, I took it all off, it was bugging him! I figured I could put sliver on it when I got home!

I soooo miss Dr Elliot in Iowa! He was by far THE BEST doc I've ever had!!! I've been through soooo many and now after this episode I am ready to look for another doc! BUT if I can hold out til Thad is 2, I can technically look for a family doc out here! So, I think I will go back to the drawing board once he's 2!!! ;)

One thing that got me was I made an appointment at the doc office and it took an hour and a half. It took us 2 hours at the ER where they were busy and there are no appointments there. I am thinking, what's wrong with this picture?

Sigh, so we will see....

Ok, getting off my high horse... ;)

His head with the 2 stitches, kinda blurry, he wouldn't hold still! ;)
Can't hardly see it with all his curls!!!

Stitches out... kinda dark, but the flash was too bright and it didn't show up! After his bath that day, it looked like he had a HUGE dent in his head! But looking better today! :)

Aww, poor lil fellow fell asleep reading the comics! ;)

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Jena said...


I am so sorry you guys had to deal with that! That is NO fun :( We had our first experience (and hopefully last) with stiches this year with Thia. She had some sort of mysterious playground accident with her chin.

Anyway, I can't believe this kid's curls! I love, love, love them!!! He is such a cutie :) You probably can't ask for a better place to put stiches! I am sure once it heals you will not see it.

Love and miss you! May you have a blessed week :) -Jena