Thursday, October 21, 2010


The other nite while eating, Gavin informed me that one of his teeth hurt. But he finished his dinner and then he put his plate in the sink. I said hey bubby, come here. I kinda had a feeling as to why his tooth may be hurting, but didn't want to say anything until I looked in his mouth!

Sure enough when he came over and opened his mouth I could just tell it was loose! So I touched that tooth, then the ones next to it and he's got 2 loose teeth!!!

This kid would NOT leave me alone!! I WANT IT OUT NOW MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I go get a string to get it out! Then he said he needed to call daddy and tell him about his tooth since daddy was traveling!

So we called daddy... Then he hung up and I didn't see him for about 10 minutes. So I went into the bathroom with Thad to give him and bath and here is Mr Gavin on the bathroom counter with the dental floss. TRYING to figure out how to get it out! So I said fine, and got a piece of floss for him. I said, BUT, I do NOT want you sitting on the counter and I DO NOT want you standing on the couch! I do NOT want blood all over my couch! (I had NO clue what this kid was/is gonna do to get this tooth out!!!) He said, ok... Then he said, but I can get a whole bunch of towels and cover the couch for you so I won't get ANY blood on it! I said, no, sorry... Then he walked off trying to get the string around his tooth!

It's still in there after 2 days, but he is dying to get it out! It is bugging him really bad! So I am just waiting for him to yank that thing out! He has no fear unlike bigger sissy who will wait til it's on it's last string before even THINKING about pulling it out!

Oh the joys!!!

TRYING to get his tooth out by using dental floss... ;)

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Angela @ The Sustala (7-1=) Six said...

He's too cute!! I love the whole loosing-teeth stage. I think its the cutest thing ever! Jadyn is just like Gavin - once a tooth is loose, she drives me nuts trying to get it out! LOL! Can't wait to see pix of a toothless Gavin ;)