Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Been a Week!!!

It's been a while since I've written in here.. time seems to be going by pretty fast, and I am not so sure I like that!

Been busy with school, church and the family!!!

I am now in charge of the nursery side of things at church and will be starting a Toddler Room in Nov, after I get back from IN... Basically taking the 19 month- potty trained kiddos and have a short lesson. Kinda get them used to being in the pre-k room, but still have fun!

School is going good with the kiddos! Kinda crazy some days, and if I am truly honest, we really haven't had one "full-day" yet. I mean, I'm getting everything done with Kotah, but the other 2, we are getting about 3 to 4 subjects done, and not all 6... Skylar, she's my challenge this year. I knew it would be, but I know she is stubborn enough that she would want to do some school, so I got her started! She's smart, but very stubborn!

Been doing a few things differently in our diet. I don't want to say going 100% gluten free, but doing things different. I've been making menus for 2 weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Before I was just making sure I had dinner and a few lunches. I was lazy and tired in the mornings, so the kiddos would make their own cold cereal. I know that's not the way to start your morning off, but sometimes you just have too! So... since I've been planning them out, they are getting a bigger variety of breakfast's and lunches! Not using as much meat, more bacon, but not a whole lot! Using more beans and staying away from milk products. I thought it would be hard not cooking with a lot of cheese, but it really isn't! Every bean recipe that I've tired, the kids LOVE!! They really love it when I serve something with rice! I don't love it as much just because of Thad and the mess he makes when he eats! I should just put him in the tub naked to eat! Be an easier clean up! hahaha ;)

This week has been crazy!!! I sliced up my thumb, about 3 layers down cutting an orange. It still hurts to touch it, but didn't have a band-aid on it today...

Tonite I was getting supper out of the oven, the 2 boys were outside playing, the girls were inside working on school. Ok, take that back, kotah was "teaching" Skylar some of her lessons, but Skylar was starting not to buy it! She wanted to go play outside, but I was on my way outside to get the boys.

I had supper on the table and the kids plated filled. Just needed to add the sour cream and bit of cheese to the top. As I open the door to go outside I hear Thad crying. I call out, Gavin what happened? Gavin was ok at first, then he said, mom, it's bleeding. I said ok, come here Thad, Gavin, walk him over here. Then Gavin got this look on his face and said, mom it's coming out really bad! Blood is all over! So then I run over, turn Thad around and was like, oh man...

So I pick him up and run back to the house. I go to the bathroom, grab a washcloth, wet it and wipe it to see how bad it really was. I saw it and was like oh man.... I said um-hun, can you come in here? So Curt walks in and says wow, that's look bad. I said, it looks really deep, I think we should take him in.

I would rather be safe than sorry. (it's a head wound and deep) I am not the type of person who is gonna take my kids in to the doc or hospital, so you know it's bad!

Ok, so don't take that the wrong way. I just find ways to treat my kids (homeopathic ways) instead of paying that 30 bucks co-pay. Now that sounds even worse, so I am going to stop talking about that! haha ;)

So the girls grab their shoes, I grab a water bottle for Thad, and have Kotah grab a hand towel for the van. It pretty much stopped bleeding, but I didn't want it all over his car seat. Of course the lil dude didn't want any towel behind him, so it was pointless, he got some blood on his car seat! Anyhoo... (also supper still on the table! I managed to ask Kotah to put the cheese in the frig to save that! But totally forgot about the sour cream, oh well!!!)

Get to the ER and we got there in the nick of time. If we would have waited even another 5 minutes, we would have been waiting longer than we already did! We were there for like 2 hours... They got hammered really fast! (it's not even a full moon, what's going on?)

So we got him signed in, they took his temp and blood pressure, which he liked neither!

Finally got back to an ER room, then Finally a nurse came in, then finally the doc. he said, ok, looks like it will need 1 stitch. Then he said I'll be right back... Then about 15 - 20 minutes later he comes back. At this time Curt took the kiddos back out to the waiting area.

So when he comes back he says, you gonna hold him? I said yes. he said, do you think we will need help? I look at him and was like, um yeah, probably. I may have answered a little bit cocky, but I was tired, Thad was screaming, he was hungry, and in pain and tired of waiting.

So back out to get the nurse. I'm sitting on the stretcher, holding his hands and his face is pressed against me. The nurse is holding his head down (attempting too at certain times) and the doc is taking care of my lil dude.

He numbed it with huge needle, I did not look to see if he inserted the needle beside or in the wound. I don't have a stomach for that! I also didn't look as he was stitching, not my thing!

I felt so bad for Thad! I don't think he felt too much of it, but just being hog-tied down, he does not like!!! He cried the whole time and I kept saying, I'm sorry buddy, it's ok, he's almost done, I love you!!!

The doc cleaned it out and said no rocks or stones so that's good! Then he went to stitching it. Two stitches later... Then he said, ok, I'll be back in a few minutes with your paper work so you can go.

So 20 minutes later we got the paperwork and were out the door! We decided to hit Chick-fil-A on tha way home for supper. (at 8 oclock at nite, we eat at 5:30, the kiddos were sooo good!!!)But we hit the church really fast before going home. A lot of peeps knew about his injury, so we went over there with our food and ate before they all got out of church.

My lil man is sound asleep right now. I pray he stays asleep all nite and will be feeling fine tomorrow!

I'm supposed to call his doc tomorrow and find out if they want to see him tomorrow or just wait the 7 days when he's supposed to get his stitches out. So we will see....

Gavin felt soo bad!!! He kept saying, I am sorry mommy, I didn't mean to hurt Thad, I was just trying to help him! I said I know bubby, but this is why we need to remember to not pick him up ok? I love you bubby! Then when we got in line at Chick-fil-A to get our food, he said again he was sorry and sorry for missing church! :(

I can feel Satan attacking, and he's attacking hard. There have a been a few other things that have happened. He's trying to get to me, but like a song says, I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!

That's me, bring it you ugly dude. No matter what you throw at me, I am still gonna praise MY GOD because I LOVE Him and He's my everything!!! I'm just gonna throw whatever you throw my way, right back at you! My God is my Father and helping me get through this!

Now I am off to try and get the blood stains out of my shirt and my lil man's!!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to read your blog. So sorry for your little man :( How is he doing now? Ugh, it does seem like we are under attack as well. Praying for us all!