Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Events of the Day

What a day! I seriously did NOT want to go out, my head was pounding, Gavin got into some food again (yes, AGAIN!! :\) this morning without asking, so therefore, his stomach hurt... So, needless to say, it wasn't a good morning!

BUT, I HAD to go out and get a few items plus some chocolate for a cake that I'm making this week!

Finally was able to get in the shower and get going by 11 am. I HATE going out that late, just because it's almost lunch time, kids need to eat and get a nap! Since they really didn't have much a schedule yesterday, I needed to get them back on track! (not that I am complaining about yesterday!!!! :D)

On my way I passed our Church and then a horse farm, I noticed a white car along the side of the road, I had the feeling in my gut that I needed to stop, I was like, on my way back through, I'll be on that side of the road. So I went to AC Moore to get the chocolates and coloring for the cake.

Then we left to go back to Giants. I passed the car again so I said Yes God, I hear ya, BUT I want to go to the store and atleast get some water. I want to be able to offer something, if they don't need a ride, I can give them that, it's hot out here! I can't offer any help to fix the car, I am not talented in that area! :) So off to Giants we go. Got everything I needed, including ice cream, don't ask. ;) As I was walking out with my groceries and yes all 4 kids, I see about 3 people standing around an older lady and her car. I am like wonder what happened. I got the van unlocked and started getting the kiddos in and my stuff in the car, I was like I gotta ask if they need anything, again, not a nurse, but I do have WATER! :) So I walk over and am like is she ok? Does she need any water? I just bought some water. Then one lady was like yeah, maybe, so I go back to my cart and get 2 bottles of water. Walk over and hand them to the older lady in the car. She grabs her purse and then I realized she wanted to give me money for the water. I am like don't worry about it. She looks at me and was like honey, I gotta give you something! I am like no you don't! Keep your money, I don't want it. Then I see a cut on her hand, told the other lady standing there, hey, I've got 4 kids, I've got band-aids in my bag, should I get one for her finger? She was like, yeah, that would be a good idea. SO back to the van and my little band-aid box, THANKFULL I had a few that were NOT kid ones! LOL Then I gave that her and just took my time putting everything in the van eavesdropping to make sure she would be ok. Then I thought, maybe I should follow her home to make sure she is ok? NO, GO BACK TO THE WHITE CAR, Ok God, I hear ya, I'm going. (The only thing I can figure about the older lady was that she must've blacked out and fell.)

So I go back and I see the car a little closer, thinking, oh, maybe he got it started, then I realized he was sitting on the guardrail. So I turn the van around and turn my 4-ways on. I see him yelling something in the car, so I just open my door a bit and yell, ARE YOU OK? He just had a look on his face, so I got out. I walk slowly up to him, I asked, are you guys ok? Do you need any water? I just came from the store. He was like God Bless you Woman, that'd be great! So I was like is there anything else I can do? He said, I know what's wrong, I just can't fix it along side of the road. I am like where do you live, do you need a ride? The look on his face, wow. He was like, really? I just shook my head, then where do you live? (thinking, why did I get ice cream? LOL) He said he lived, Ya know where the court house is? I said yeah. He said, just a bit past that. I am like ok. So I went to go get the water, and as I'm getting a water, I see a cop come up behind me, I am like oh great! The cop went to go talk to the guy, and then I go over to give him and the lady the water. The cop went back to his car and got an orange ticket for their car. Then he left and was waiting for them to get everything they needed so I could take them home. I was like ok God, I'm putting myself out there, I know for sure that You wanted me to pull over to help them, not sure why, don't need to know why, but I'm doing it. I know You will keep us all safe on the way to their house, Amen!

They got their sunroof closed, the rest of the stuff out and in the van. The guy got in the back and the lady up front. I TOTALLY forget his name, starts with an E, but hers was Kim. He told me about 10 times in the van, God Bless you, you are an angel! I was like no I am not. I wonder what he was thinking if he looked down by his feet and saw that there was a Bible! :) Plus I had 91.9 on the radio. ;) Anyways... So I got them home, before they got out, he was like, how much do you want for the gas? I said don't worry about it. He was like, come on, I gotta give you something! You pulled over, don't know us, you got kids in the van, and you want nothing? Then they started to get out, I was like hey, I go to New Life Garage, come over on Sunday at 10:30, we are at the Blue Crabs Stadium this week, come on out. They both had huge smiles on their faces, I am not sure what that meant, but oh well! Not saying they are gonna come, but ya never know! :) I am just glad I was able to help them! I mean they were out there for atleast an hour, they both had sweat dripping down their faces! It was HOT!!!!!

They both were saying how it's nice to know that there are still good people out there! I was like, it's hot, I wouldn't want to be stuck out on 301! I said, honestly, I passed you guys going into Waldorf, then saw you still sitting there when I was coming back, I had to go to Giants, I bought some water and came back to see if you were still there and were. I said, if I couldn't offer you anything, I would atleast be able to offer you some water, it's hot!

They both were like you don't know how grateful we are to you!

Then I left to go back home! :) When I was getting the stuff out of the van I saw something of theirs so I need to take it to them later today. I needed to get my kiddos to bed, by the time I got home it was after 1, they still hadn't eaten lunch either. So when Curt gets home, we'll go over and I'll take them their face plate to their radio.

My challenge to you all, take a small cooler and freeze some water bottles. Put the fozen water bottles in the littel cooler. If you can't offer a ride, you can atleast offer them some water, it's hot out here! I bet you any money, you will see atleast one car along side of the road this week! If not 2! Be the Water and Light!

If I can do it with 4 littles in my car, you can too! ;)

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Rogo said...

Awesome stuff! Thanks for bringing the light of God to our friends and neighbors here in Chuck County! Great story.