Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thad is ONE!!!!!!!

On my! Where has the year gone! So busy!!!
Thaddeus my little man turned 1 on Tuesday the 11th! Brought back memories of that crazy week last year!
Today the 15th we needed to be out of our house and that's when Thad was due! I begged my doc to induce me and was finally able to get in on the 11th! Had him on a Monday, then came home on Wednesday, movers came on Thursday to box EVERYTHING up except our beds, then Friday then came and finished, Friday nite we stayed at Jena and Scott's and they had a good bye bbq party for us! What a FUN nite that was! Then Saturday morning we ate and then we left Des Moines! We got almost to Curt's parents house Saturday nite, but I had to stop about 2 1/2 hours from there. So we stopped, then got there Sunday mid-afternoon, and we left there Monday morning. Then we got out here that Wednesday afternoon. Signed on our house Thursday and the movers came and started to unload the truck a bit that nite and then finished the next day! Can't believe I went through all that with a newborn, a VERY newborn at that!
Thad is such a sweet lil guy! He is almost walking on his own! He has a toy that he walks with and he goes SUPER fast when walking with it! He can climb up onto one of our chairs and if there is a pillow or a box by the couch, he steps on that and then crawls up! He thinks he is big stuff! :)
We had his party on Saturday! I had soooo much fun making the cake, did a few new things that I haven't done before! Curt told me to try them on a "fake cake", but I didn't want to make that much frosting! So I tried it on his party day! :) It turned out pretty good, I am happy, not 100% happy, but happy with the way it turned out! :)
Happy Birthday my lil man!!! Love you soooo much!!! <3 href="">

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