Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok, so I've never really cooked or worked with jalapeno peppers, or any hot peppers for that matter! :) I've just stayed away, been too afraid that they would be to hot. But when a guacamole recipe calls for jalapenos, I thought why not try it? Just put in a couple thin slices...

So I am getting more comfy working with them and putting them in recipes. The stacked beef enchiliada calls for a sauce, but I wasn't going to make this kind of sauce, b/c I knew those peppers were SUPER hot and wasn't gonna use those. So I made up my own kind and used jalapenos. It calls to roast them and then put them in a container/cup and pour hot water over them.

I was thinking, ok, I can do this, no biggie, piece of cake! I can roast them suckers and then do the rest of what needs to be done! EASY!!! Right?

Roasted them and as I was roasting them I was noticing that my throat was starting to hurt, well, not hurt, but, I don't really know how to describe it. It's like after a sore throat, it's the raw feeling, but it didn't really hurt too bad.

Then I got them in the cup and poured hot water over them, they had to sit for 20 minutes. Again, no biggie, piece of cake, right? As I was pouring the hot water over them, my eyes started to hurt. Didn't think anything of it.

Then I looked over at them and my throat was all raw and hurt, and my eyes stung! I went to go talk to Curt and was like, I think I'm having a reaction to those jalapenos! So he was like go drink a cup of milk to see if that helps! I was like it's not hot, it doesn't hurt, but I was coughing... So I go get a cup of milk and it worked a little!

So if you do this recipe, be careful! For the next 24 hours, I was hurting! I mean it! I NEVER thought I would have a reaction to it, never crossed my mind, but I was wrong!

I never drank THAT much milk in so little time! I am not a big milk fan, only if I have oreos to dunk them with! It worked for a bit.... Just be careful, that's all I'm gonna say! :D


Jennifer said...

Confession from a Texan: I've never really worked/cooked with jalapenos either (except guacamole). Even then, I only use a teeny tiny bit and the rest of the jalapeno wastes away in the frig until it turns into complete mush, thus making it suitable only for the garbage. But your stacked enchilada recipe has me feeling brave, so I'm going to try it. However, I'm VERY VERY glad that I noticed your last post because I would never have considered the dangers of jalapenos (outside of food, that is).

Becoming Mommy said...

*stumbling by*
you have to be very careful when working with peppers. If the juice gets on you, it can burn (never cut a pepper and rub your eyes). If the juice turns to steam, you're hosed.
I use a LOT of peppers and so I've burnt myself a few times that way.
They are good good....