Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ed and Angela

As some of you know who have Facebook, know that good friends of ours lost their little Jackson Sunday. Angela was almost 24 weeks along.
PLEASE keep the family in your prayers during this time!
They have to decide what to do next. Whether to wait til her body goes into labor, or be induced, then they have to bury little Jackson. She said they get to hold him as much as they want, but he will be very fragile...
God chose to heal little Jackson, but not the way we all wanted Him too! I pray that they hold tightly to Jesus, He WILL get them through this!
We may not understnad WHY these things happen, and we may not LIKE it, but we have to TRUST Him and KNOW that He REALLY does know what He is doing!
Dear Jesus,
PLEASE wrap Your loving and caring arms around Ed and Angela today and everyday Lord, I know you are, but please comfort them during this difficult time! Help them with the decisions that they need to make in the following days. Poor Your sweet love on them.
Thank you for healing little Jackson, we may not understand why You chose to have him live with you now, but help them to keep praising You!

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