Friday, March 5, 2010

Got this from a friend of mine. PLEASE keep then in your prayers!!! I think she is due in August!

We are very excited to learn that we are expecting another baby boy!
We also learned from our ultrasound that our sweet boy has club feet. They are called "club" because it resembles a golf club. His little feet both turn in at the ankles.
He is otherwise perfectly developing and healthy, but we are heart broken to begin a journey with a birth defect once again. Not the words any parent wants to hear - and certainly not twice.
We really don't have a lot of information yet. We've been told that this is fixed "relatively easily" - easily if its not YOUR baby :) - and we are grateful for that.
We trust that God is in control and we know that He has a perfect plan for our little guy. And we are anxious to see His plans play out.
I am only 18 weeks along, so we have some time before this baby's arrival. During that time, we are asking everyone to pray for COMPLETE HEALING! We know God is a God of miracles and we want to flood heaven with prayers for this baby. We accept and praise God for whatever outcome He desires, but will BELIEVE for a miracle! Please join us in believing and trusting God in this situation.
This has already been a roller coaster of emotion and I have no doubt it will continue to be as we move forward. I will update facebook and our family blog as I learn/know more information. In the meantime, please be praying - and feel free to pass this on to anyone else you know that will be a faithful prayer warrior with us!
Thanks, Angela

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