Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update on Twins!!

Stole this from Jen's FB notes! They went to Milwaukee to have surgery done! They will be there til Tuesday... Please keep praying!!!
God is sooo good!!!! :)

Finally feeling up to getting on here. This hospital is amazing and Dr. De Lia is amazing! We have been in great hands. Friday before surgery I had several nurses tell me they were praying for me and the babies. It was so reassuring. Dr. De Lia spent the whole morning with us, going over the surgery, checking things out with the ultrasound and answering all of our questions. I have never had a doctor that was so hands on!

The surgery had some challenges to begin with due to the positions of the twins. Plus he had no idea how clear my amniotic fluid may or may not be. But right before they put me under, he leaned over me and he reassured me that he was going to do everything possible to keep me and the girls safe and not to worry.

My amniotic fluid ended up being cloudy (which poses a problem with seeing things and affects the effectiveness of the laser). They had to drain the amniotic fluid on the big baby twice (refilling it with a type of saline solution). By the grace of God, my uterus did not bleed because if it did he would have had to quit. He was able to complete the procedure, although it is typically about 5-10 minutes, with my complications it took about 30.

The babies have been moving, but we will not have an ultrasound until Sunday morning. We will know more about how they are doing tomorrow. Dr. De Lia said that after he got in there and looked around he knew the babies would have had zero percent chance of surviving without this surgery because they were too connected to each other. Now they are each connected to the placenta, but there are no more vessels connecting them to each other!

He taped the procedure (the laser has a camera on it) to show us all of the vessels he coagulated. Plus we were able to see our little babies!!! They are so adorable! We get to take a copy of the tape with us.

We definitely feel we are in the right place and we know these little girls are in God's hands. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I felt so much peace, even though I was a little emotional. There is some pain because it is abdominal surgery. While the incision in my uterus is very very small, the incision in my abdominal wall is about 4-5 inches. But I am feeling better as the day goes on.

We will update about the babies tomorrow after our ultrasound. It is encouraging to feel movement, though!

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