Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Didn't get much sleep last nite, woke up with a headache...

That's never good!! This is the type of head-ache that no matter what I take, it doesn't work, so I don't take anything. I did take something this time, just praying it would work... (it didn't)

The morning went by fine... Kotah did wake up with pink eye though! I just HAD to say that it's been about 7 years since she's had it, and bam, she wakes up with it!

I wasn't sure if the sliver was working for me or not, but I think it is. I put it in more today... Plus it was about a full day before I actually got anything to put in my eye, so it was BAD!!!! Then when Kotah woke up, I cleaned it all out with a warm wash cloth and then was able to put 2 drops in. Then I tried a few other times during the day and she down right REFUSED to let me put them in! So I told her if she didn't let me put them in she couldn't go to gymnastics's on Thursday. So I got the drops in 2 more times today. So a total of 3 times... Hope it starts looking better tomorrow and she will let me put it in more often tomorrow!

Thad seemed to be getting worse... He wasn't eating and had only 2 wet diapers all day.... He nursed on one side and would NOT eat anymore then. I almost took him in before I put the kiddos to bed, but thought, no, maybe he just needs to sleep. He had a slight fever before I laid down with him and was burning up just 2 hours later! He would wake up and I had to hold him before he would go back to sleep, tried to put him down and he would wake up crying and shaking. So I fixed supper for the kids, got him to eat a little bit of strawberries, blueberries, and applesauce all mixed up. He ate it. But not a whole lot.

The kids finished eating, bundled them up and out we went to Patient First. It's like a Redi-Med.

Got there and got in pretty quick, thankfully! I was worried I would have to wait with all 4 of my munchkins for a long time!

The doc came in after the nurse checked his temp, which was 104.4. Then another nurse came in and gave him some Motrin. Then the doc came in and was almost rude. He came over and I heard Thad start to gag, I am like oh boy, here it comes. How far is it gonna shoot? Out came the little bit of supper he ate and the Motrin. Guess that didn't work to well huh? :)

He asked me what was going on, so I told him he had a stuffy nose about a week ago, and I just thought it was his tooth coming through. His tooth popped through and then the stuffy nose stayed and he got a cough that was just getting worse. And then the fever that started this afternoon. He was like well, it's prob just a typical cold. I just looked at him like don't mess with me boy!

He said his lungs are clear, but his ears are red. So I will get a prescrip for his ears.

Then he left, the kids all sat up on the bed and I sat down in the chair with Thad who feel asleep. After about 15 minutes the doc came back in and he looked at me and I could see a look come across his face... He was a little more caring, not as jerky. He said, we don't have the liquid form of this med for kids, I am sorry, you will have to make another stop. He said, he prob had a regular cold at first, and just yesterday he got the ear infection. SO.... Then I said, you said his lungs are clear? He sounds a bit wheezy, he said yep, they are very clear. Come back in a few days if he is getting worse. But his bed side manner was much better! Maybe he was ticked because Thad threw up. I got it all too! I mean it was all over Thad and his lovie!

So... Went to Target, got the meds, back home, gave the kiddos showers, a snack. eye drops, more meds, and then bed! Now, I am trying to get the kitchen cleaned up and get his lovie washed and dried! Thankfully I have another blanket that has the "strings" that he likes, so it is working, but may not for long! :) I didn't get anything done because he wanted me to hold him all day! Which is fine, but I feel bad because the other kids didn't get as much attention! Tomorrow will be better, I know, I said that for today! BUT we got some meds for Thad and the others are getting better! I think anyways... Just keep up with the meds and get me some rest! :) I guess we all need rest so we will feel better!

Got to talk to Curt for a few minutes tonite, but it kept breaking up, so I really didn't talk to him much... I did hear that they don't have any hot water, so they all get to take cold showers! Ok, yeah, it's hot out there, but not really how you want to start your day off! :) They were also diggin holes, but didn't hear why? I guess I will find out when he comes home, right! :)

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